Well, d’oh!

I’m not exactly the brightest crayon in the box¹.

Not so long ago, I thought Paris Hilton was a posh star hotel in Paris, France. I came to know later that it was a person. I then conveniently assumed that the hotel belongs to the lady. Apparently, it doesn’t.

In my defence, even Albert Einstein² would’ve had his ‘doh’ moments and I’m no exception. And I never said I was an authority on Paris or Hilton or Paris Hilton or Hilton, Paris.


[1] – If you rightly thought so.

[2] – Yes, when I get tired of comparing myself with Kafka, I go with Einstein. Regular people just don’t work for me.

25 thoughts on “Well, d’oh!

  1. Let me tell you, you didn’t miss out on anything. In fact, my already high opinion of you goes several notches higher.

    And as for those moments – that’s what I’m all about. Or so they tell me.


  2. Blimey, it’s good not to have heard about Paris Hilton, eh? I was worried you guys would think I’m a dunce who’s knowledge of the world is confined to pizza, global warming and George Bush (in no particular order).

    Rusty N – But imagine my embarassment if I were involved in a conversation about the person and I didnt know it was a person and went on and on about the hotel! Yikes!

    Princess – High opinion? really? so I can soar upto cloud 9 now? cool! 😉 yeah, if I had a penny for everytime I had one of those moments…well, I’d be stuck with a lot of worthless pennies!


  3. my prof(in india) once said he never knew the difference between vadai curry and kari vadai until one guy gave strange looks and explained it to him….the former is veg & the latter is NV….i had no clue about both of them at that time… 🙂


  4. From a person who gets only the E! TV channel in english here in zurich, let me tell you that the Hilton group of hotels do belong to Paris’ father and hence her too. Or are my facts wrong? Not that you have to know this piece of information but let me flaunt what I have got…;)


  5. hehehhe! such an experience is pretty common to everyone, except that most dont accept and publish it 🙂
    Hail you!

    PS: Why Kafka always? all I can think of his satire on beaurocrats and you least seem to be intersted in bureaucracy!
    enlighten please….

    PPS: You mean Writer Kafka right?


  6. Idhellam namlukku sagajam appa 😛 😀

    Happens in every single quiz, that I attend 😀 Once, there was this Carnatic music quiz held in a place nearby, when I was aged 13….The q was “What is the hindi equivalent of the tamil raaga “Kaanada” ” ? I blinked for quite sometime and in front of the whole audience, said, with a stupid look on my face – “Kaanad” 😐 😀 😛 The answer actually was “Darbar” 😀


  7. Me – Aha, what an analogy! Paris Hilton and Kari Vadai! if she didnt kill herself due to me, she will definitely kill herself ‘coz of what you said now! 😉
    Sharan – you not know Bill? whatay pity! 😉 and I didnt know Paris Hilton for any reason!
    Manoj – kindal huh? google up Kafka and see if you can fry and eat it. 🙂


  8. Boo – Really? I checked up Wiki (like it’s the biggest authority, but whatever!) and it said the Hilton hotels belonged to the group founded by Conrad Hilton. And Paris Hilton’s dad (Richard Hilton) owns a lot of real estate, but I dont know if the Hilton group belongs to him. Well, looks like now I <strong>have</strong> become an authority on Paris Hilton 😉
    Biofreak – Yikes, I at least knew the one in France 😉
    Aparna – solluve nee! but yeah, I have no qualms in accepting how dumb I am..’coz more often than not I find that a lot of other people have the same notions and are, ergo, equally dumb! 😉 my feel good factor goes up a notch..
    Nithya – 🙂 I have much worse exp with quiz comps..I took part in Antakshari once (when I was in school) and I was supposed to sing with ‘Ka’ – with full enthu I roared into the mic “kaale kaale mukhde pe gora gora chashma” (the akshay kumar number).. idhellam romba sagajam..at least for me! 😦


  9. Aparna – Forgot abt Kafka..Yes, I am talkin’ about Franz Kafka and I donno why I kinda like his type of humor..very sarcastic n at times dark.. and I think he’s a literary genius.. hence the numerous references.. I could shift to Paulo Coelho or Ayn Rand if you get bored of Kafka 😉


  10. Manoj – engeyo poiteenga saar! 😉

    Boo – That song used to be quite popular at that time.. and pity was, my teammate was about to sing a proper song that began with ‘Ka’ and I pudungified the mic from her and sang this.. I still wonder why she didnt kill me that day..


  11. ‘Kaale Kaale Mukhde’ joke neeya? hehehhehehe….
    And you teamed with Appu V right?

    We still ottify appu with that joke…inime unna thaan all the ottings!!


  12. Vivekanand – wilkes booth would have taken so much trouble to kill lincoln and you said oswald so easily?! you’re gonna be seriously haunted by booth’s bhoot! [;)]
    Aparna – yep, saakshaath naane! I did get kicked by Appu V below the table [:)] and no, neednt be literary genius..any genius would do! you want madame curie? or florence nightingale? [;)]


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