15 thoughts on “TVS Scooty Pep Plus

  1. Me – romba yosichcha ipdi dhaan.. 😉 btw, thats 50,000 colors in 1 saree..not 1000 😛

    Priya I – isn’t it? I mean, isn’t pink enough? 😉


  2. 50,000…… 😮

    …first 500 nu ezhudhalam nu irundhen…ana oru periya number nu theriyum seri 1000 nu podalam nu poten…. 🙂


  3. Aparna – Yep, thanks to this now Scooty shopping is also part of the elite category! 😉

    Me – you under-estimate the power of feminine tastes, Mr.Me 🙂 dont be surprised if a 1 lakh colors saree came from RMKV! 😉


  4. enakku oru vishayam dhaan nenappukku varudhu ..

    “aahaa … maangaa, aavakkaa, poondu, carrot, mixed vegetables … pathombodhu vidhamaana oorugaaigalaa”


  5. Sharan – you sure you want 500 colors? won’t you guys just die of confusion? 😕

    Manoj – where is 19, where is 99?!! before that, where is oorugai where is TVS scooty?!!! priorities slight-a odhaikardhu, illa? 😉


  6. Manoj – but ofcourse! what would happen to curd rice without ooruga!! 😉

    Sharan – Wouldn’t you be confused if you’re staring at 47 different shades of black? 😉


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