New and improved!


Welcome to the new and improved ‘Thought Process’.

Click around, make yourself comfortable, get used to the new look and feel – but hey, rest assured, the words and emotions will all be very very familiar.

Calvin is still around, and he’s happy he’s got an entire page to himself. Garfield will make an appearance once in a while, so will Harry Potter, Rajnikanth, Himesh Reshammiya, Ayn Rand, FRIENDS and Bartimaeus (no particular order). And the ususal rambles and unasked-for-opinions. In short, everything you found in the erstwhile blog minus the look and feel.

Also, it’s not just Calvin who got an entire page. I did too! Gone are the days of the 4 or 5 lined ‘About me’ – buckle your seat belts for the new improved self-worshippy ‘About‘!

Let me know what you guys think. I know it would take a while to get used, I did take a while too. And dear silent readers, now would be the best time to come out of the mean to reveal yourselves in the comment box, not anything else (sorry, couldn’t resist it, hehe).

P.S: Yes, the chocolates are for you to drool over at work, feel bad and run to the nearest chocolate-vendor, get some chocolate, drown in that heavenly flavor and contemplate heading home since it’s Friday anyway. Your most welcome. 🙂

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Update [3-Jun-2007]: Prose and Verse, now updated!


12 thoughts on “New and improved!

  1. Hey , Nice change ..

    Out loud > The chocolates were nice too .. The place looks very upmarket .. hmm ..
    Those petals on top gives it a touch of sophistication.

    In my mind> Fancy chocolates, but no welcome drink!!!! .. what the heck ..

    but .. blogspot was like well connected … wordpress …hmm not so sure .. guess after somtime the area will develop…

    If I get my coconut and beetle nut leaf in the small bag I’ll be on my way…


  2. Hey congo on this ‘so-called new blog’ 🙂

    The template is so refreshing, especially the petals-header 🙂

    And chocolates pathi sollava venum…..yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Just finished hogging an entire Dairy Milk bar a few minutes me not going to the nearest shop-vendor to buy some chocolate 😀 😛


  3. TC – Welcome drink? Hey! did you not see the water dispenser in the far right corner? I got fancy plastic cups too 🙂 *hands over small bag with betel leaf, coconut and betelnuts* Thanks for dropping by!

    Voltfarce – Danke! and I would tell you how to import but I went to your new blog and you’ve already imported! so I’m guessing you know how to do that now 🙂

    Nithya – One full dairy milk aa? 😦 Me still saving my 2 little Hershey’s kisses. btw, you is the back from vacation is it?

    Sharan – Yes, you can sit and medidate for a while. 😉

    Me – Thanks! 🙂

    Boo – Look who’s here! 🙂 thanks, Boo.


  4. congrats.
    You are moving faster than i can say ‘xxxxx’.

    ok ok.. i forgot what i was going to say. But anyway, i think you get the import of what i am trying to say. What am i trying to say here ?

    ok.. this could go on forever…….

    congrats again… does this mean the blogspot…spot is done with ?


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