Cafeteria a.k.a Country

There’s a big LCD TV in the cafeteria at my workplace. TataSky enabled, really funky.

The problem (‘coz everything I write about is a ‘problem’ at some level), then, is the programmes we get to watch on that TV during our time spent in the cafeteria. If I happen to be there for breakfast some days (woe to ye if you judge me on my breakfast-making habits), I’m faced with either Tom & Jerry or on unluckier days, Himesh Reshammiya. The remote control is always absconding. On second thoughts, maybe that’s just me.

During lunch hours, one is blessed by some mundane Hindi news channel, as opposed to the umpteen English news channels that can be viewed. News channels are safe bets when it comes to a TV in a public place ‘coz it’s very generic in nature. Unlike the saas-bahu soaps or, well, Himesh Reshammiya’s nasal tones. My issue with Hindi news channels? Nothing in particular, just that it’s too local and reminds one of cheap tabloids where the front page is dedicated to the pathbreaking news that a certain third rate actress was found in the company of a certain fourth rate actor in some fifth rate place. This, when bomb blasts rip my city apart and the culprits are still at large. This, when Aung San Suu Kyi’s detention has been extended by one more year by the military government of Myanmar. This, when diplomatic wars are being fought across countries which vaguely gives one the fear that Nostradamus might just hit the bull’s eye with his predictions.

But my rant is not about Hindi news channels. My rant is with the fact that I go to that cafeteria almost every day for my lunch and not once have I actually fished out the remote control from its hiding place and changed the channel to something that can be viewed by the majority. Ok, kidding, change the channel to something that can be viewed by me.

And as I sat there today having my lunch, hearing my colleagues and myself ranting about the stupid channel, it hit me that the state of the cafeteria is, sadly, the state of our country. I know to crib and cry about being made to watch stupid channels, but I rarely go for that remote control to change it. A lot of us know to crib and cry about the state of our country, but very few actually do something to change it. I can tolerate Tom & Jerry, but not the cheap news channels. Just like I can tolerate some politician making money out of fodder, but not politicians/rich-buggers escaping the law just because they have money and power.

Tomorrow I’m going to change the channel if I don’t like what I’m seeing.

If someone has a problem with that, I can always chuck the remote into the sambhar that’s floating in the oil. And then the entire world will watch what I want them to watch. *evil laughter follows*

P.S: Updates on my blog could become irregular for the next few weeks. I have deadlines to meet and most times miss, books to read, movies to watch – in short, a life to live. And this time around, reality ruins my virtual life. Bear with me, dear readers. And enjoy the peace and calm in this space while it lasts. One is tempted to use cliches like ‘the calm before the storm’, but one refrains.


3 thoughts on “Cafeteria a.k.a Country

  1. RDB revisited. That’s the spirit.

    Tomo u march right along, grab that remote, and switch that bloody TV to a universal channel. Trust me, FTV would make u the most popular person at office 😀


  2. Harish – Nothing happened! 😦 me still saw that hindi news channel and came away feeling suicidal.

    Nithya – Read above pls. I don’t think I can do it. I can only talk, ya know. 😦


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