Now in Portuguese!

Apparently, my blog’s Archive Listing is now only available in Portuguese.

Would it help if I said I had nothing to do with it?


9 thoughts on “Now in Portuguese!

  1. A bit like my mum’s banana split. It vanished, but I had nothing to do with it, honest!

    Never mind that silly schmuck. I think you’re a brilliant writer and that’s that. Would it help if I went back and voted 33 times?


  2. hmm…portuguese is a nice language..let the thing stay…nanna thaan irukku..
    “variety is the spice of life”..
    “ordinary is boring”



  3. Well probably a raccoon came through the open door and logged on ur pc and changed the language!!

    If u did not understand that u gotta watch friends more!!


  4. Harish – If I hadn’t written that last line, you guys would be blaming Blogger…just becos I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I have to read all this now 😐

    Priya – I didn’t! Well..I did open my blog, if that’s what you mean 😉

    Princess – Curiously enough, that happened to that bar of Toblerone in my house too! 🙂 as to voting 33 times, is there something you want to confess to? 😉


  5. Nithya – Heh heh, true. But guess what, it’s gone back to english now. There goes all my spice! 😦

    Sharan – You should go back and attend more classes with Phoebe about how to lie. Nothing with the raccoon!!! 😉

    Fleiger – There will always be one reader like you. Always. 🙂


  6. Confess? huh!
    I didn’t do that.
    I meant that you should count both sets of thirty two’s as one, and an insignificant one at that.

    And I like all the widgets. They’re fun.


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