Life’s like that!

Update [April 25, 2007 10:36 AM]: Prose and Verse updated!

You see a piece of cashew in your cup of curd rice. You eagerly put it in your mouth, expecting to savor the creamy nutty taste and for a split second, enjoy your sorry meal.

One bite.

It’s ginger.

And you can’t spit your food out since you’re sitting with your colleagues in the cafeteria.

Reminds you of this thing called ‘life’. Rarely cashew. Mostly ginger. And a whole of people around judging you by the nanosecond.


19 thoughts on “Life’s like that!

  1. Whatya philosophy…Whatya philosophy…I’ve read a quotes like “life is like a box of chocolates”, “life is like a tin of sardines” and now one more goes into the list “Life is like a plateful of curd-rice, with cashews signifying the ups and ginger signifying the downs”

    And yeah wrt ur comment on the prev post, THAT was wat i expected frm u !!


  2. Beautiful, Kalakitinga ponga…

    Epdi ipdi ellam yosikiringa..nanum evalvo try panren…

    ungalta sishyana vanthu than serunum ninaikiren 🙂 🙂


  3. Nith – Thank you, thank you thank you! 😉 and hey, that’s not book 7 I think..could be a fan fic.. it doesnt sound like JKR

    Anon – 🙂 adhuva varudhu! btw, instead of posting anon, you can choose the ‘Other’ option and leave a name – I’d really like to know whom I’m blogging to! 🙂 Thanks.


  4. im blown away!!!

    semma comparison!!! apart from the fact that i dont like cashews in any other form than roasted and salted or cashew cakes….

    anyway yea the deathly halows is fan fiction..not an original!!!…


  5. Hey, nice post!
    Somehow, reminded me of this:

    Life is like having a cup of tea. You sit by the window with a book in your lap, while soft wisps of steam curl up from the tea cup. You lift the cup, assume a mild distant gaze and take a careless sip, only to realise that someone forgot to put in the sugar.

    Too lazy to limber up, you somehow struggle through that sugarless cup. Till you, ruefully, discover undissolved sugar crystals sitting at the bottom.

    By then, it is too late……….


  6. oh..Am sorry then…As i mentioned earlier, I somehow can’t relate myself to HP and JKR… i thot this would be the original version of the book..i did not even bother to download the attachment..i forwarded it to my frnds, who are sorta crazy abt HP and i thot u wuld be interested too…


  7. “Things for which I dont expect a response from you all. Like calling you names and getting away with it.”

    oh No u won’t..Inga comment space edhukku irukku 😉


  8. Sharan – 🙂 super comparison no? I’m proud of myself 😉 yeah, that HP book was defn fan fic..a very pathetic attempt actually..

    Me – 🙂 number sollama vittutenga! pudhiya thathuvam no.1876 😉

    Harish – maththavangala vidunga, neenga note pannela? first practise..then preach 😉


  9. Priya – Wow, you’re right.. it does sound similar.. although the ‘tea phenomenon’ is infinitely more artistic than my ‘cashew phenomenon’ 🙂

    Nith – I cant believe you’re not in HP! what century do you live in, N? *shakes head in disappointment and removes spectacles*

    Nith again – sorry, inge ezhudhina post’kku mattum dhaan inge comments accepted 😉


  10. Manoj – No! That’s the whole point! It was not cashew, it was ginger! vidiya vidiya ramayanam kettu.. 😐

    WW – 🙂 you know, I’ve thought of that so many times.. but never got around to doing it.. something about a fear that what I find good the rest of the world might find crappy. The less said about my self-esteem the better 😦 *runs into blogger dashboard to look at favorite posts*


  11. Yay! So you’re going to be a blogchaaterbox too?

    And as to the post – A profound thought indeed. Ever thought of coming out with a little ‘Priya’s Guide to Life’ handbook?
    One of those “365 quotes- for each day of the year! Hurry get your copy now” things.


  12. Princess – *sigh* yeah well..I donno what to send though 😦 And yes, I’m coming up with a handbook like that.. be sure to buy one ok?

    Me – hehehe, not this week..coz Tuesday was a day off (labour day) so Monday didnt feel so blue after all! 🙂 but thanks for asking, Monday vittalum neenga vida maatel pola irukku 😦


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