My best friend

This post is dedicated to my best buddy.

My best friend (inanimate-object friend!) is most definitely my prized Victorinox Swiss Army knife (picture above). I think it qualifies as the single most useful, most handy tool ever invented by man. I always carry it in my purse and there were numerous times when I have thanked myself for keeping it there!

This knife was a gift from my dad. Well, what sort of dad gives his daughter a knife, eh? See, the thing is..Dad didn’t exactly give it to me. **sly smile** It was there in the cupboard and I just assumed it was for me. But it sounds good to say it’s a gift from dad no? 🙂

I never bothered much about it when I was going to college from home. But its presence was totally required when I moved to Hyderabad to ‘stand on my own feet’ (till then I was standing on my parents’ feet) . Somehow, this little object gave me a lot of courage. There was this time when I had to walk a few hundred feet from the bus stop to my house and there were no street lights – obviously, I freaked out. I then pulled out my trusted knife, took out the knife thingie and kept that in my hand and walked home. If someone, god forbid, had tried to get funny then, well, he wouldn’t have seen the light of day (atleast, that’s what I tell myself – Muawahahaha).

And now I can’t believe I used to do that.

Other uses for my dear knife included –
1. Cutting impossible Ruffles Lays chips’ packets in trains (I think Pepsi foods has a grudge on its customers and expects us to spend effort and tear the packet to eat the 5 tiny chips inside)

2. Screwing the handle back onto my pressure cooker (I do this everyday! Stupid handle won’t stay!)

3. Cutting birthday cakes at my workplace if the official cake-cutter-knife-keeping colleague is not available

4. Opening a bottle of wine – the first time I saw my husband do this, I was so excited. I still dont know why.

5. I used that criss-cross edgy thingie (I’m bad at naming things, I dont wanna think about naming my kid) to cut the lock on my bag (no, I wasn’t ‘stealing’ my own stuff, the key stopped working, hence the cutting). I wasn’t successful, but then, it was useful in the beginning.

6. Opened numerous bottles of Maggi Tomato Ketchup. And spend the next few minutes fishing out the cap from under the refrigerator or the table.

You should see the look on people’s faces when they are searching for a pair of scissors and you say ‘Hey, I got it’ and just pop out your Swiss knife! There are still some tools in it that I haven’t found a use for. Yet. I love it, you know. Its really cute at the same time so ruff ‘n tuff with the different tools in it. This is one thing I’m never gonna let go of. My suggestion – every girl should have one. It’s really handy and a must-have in any purse. Oh, did you know? The latest ones come with a compact flash drive too! Hi-tech eh?!

Whoever said a dog was man’s best friend did not have a Swiss Army Knife!


10 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. i got tat as a gift frm my uncle sm time bac.. but never used it like u did.. its in my cupboard back @ home.. i am thinkin abt bringin it back..flash drive wud have been cool.. it wil b in markets soon since i saw a prototype in one of the tech forums..


  2. Venki – It’s a very thoughtful gift, come to think of it.. for guys n girls alike! 🙂

    Sharan – Opening up a CPU! ofcourse! my bro would do that.. and hey, I dont have a thing for knives!! just this one tool.. 😉

    WW – LOL..oops! 😉 The early bird gets the worm, remember? but hey, I know that wont stop ya – I’m pretty sure your piece would be more thoroughly enjoyable than mine can ever be – so go right ahead pliss!


  3. …so how do u introduce yourself…en per priya ennaku innor per irukku na…..

    ..btw..mebbe u r using a slotted screw driver on a philps head…r u ?


  4. “Whoever said a dog was man’s best friend did not have a Swiss Army Knife!”

    ROFL good one there !

    And yeah u intend turning every single person into ‘Circuit’ (Of Munnabhai fame) eh ??

    bole to apun ko ye post pasand hai mamu !! aur mein abhi jaakar ek chaaku kharid leti hoon, kaisa hai idea mamu ? 😛


  5. its quite handy, when u go for a long journey train, its useful in cutting apples and other stuff.

    Unga sontha kal ninnu ithay vangala….


    Same ANON


  6. lol lets say on that night a stranger put his hand on your soldier and ask maam i lost the way can you help me … wat you were going 2 do with him … killer girl


  7. I carry one around with me as well.

    Do Ruffles Lays still exist?
    I call them Ruffles too, out of habit. But now the Ruffles seem to have walked out, leaving the Lays to fend for themselves.

    As for naming things – I know a girl who would love to be called ‘crisscross edgy thingie’. (Her name’s Candida).


  8. Me – slotted what on a what? 😐 ok, now I’m officially lost. And possibly dumb.

    Nithya – Hehehe, bitten by the Bhai bug eh? 🙂 cute!

    Same Anon – Ille, en sontha kaal le ninnu idhe suttuten 😉

    Ankur – He’d probably have a couple of deep gashes on his face and/or his hand. 🙂

    Princess – Same pinch! As cheesy as that sounds, I’m glad I’m not the only one with thoughts of self-defence n all that 🙂 Who’s Candida? 😕


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