Me, myself and you

Scene: Me is sitting staring the the ‘Compose’ window, not typing a word. Other-Me is yapping non-stop somewhere in the vicinity of the brain. Other-Me’s voice sounds strangely familiar. The sarcasm is definitely familiar.

Other Me: So, write something fantabulously awesome that’ll shake the entire blogosphere and bring them all to your blog-step!

Me: Oh yeah? Like what?

Other Me: I don’t know! But something really really cool.

Me: Ice?

Other Me: Funny?

Me: (dejected) No. But it’s irritating when you have to convey something really huge and you don’t find the words!

Other Me: No words at all, eh?

Me: Nope. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No. Shoonya. Poojyam. Sunna..

Other Me: Ok ok, don’t go all polyglot-ic on me. How about google-ing for an image. It is equal to a thousand words you know.

Me: You think I didn’t do that already, you knucklehead? Why don’t you just shut the heck up for a while and let me think?

Other-Me: Oh, but I can’t shut up. You know I can’t. You can’t shut up! How can I? Maybe you should just let me do the writing. Like you always do. *smirk*

Me: WHAT??!! HOW DARE YOU insinuate that I pass off your work as mine? How dare you, cheater, pumpkin-eater?

Other-Me: Fine, fine. It’s all your work. Now get to the work at hand. Write something good. But sweetheart, pumpkin-eater? Seriously? That’s all you could come up with?

Me: *through gritted teeth* I will not swear or name-call on this blog, so shut it.

Other-Me: Oh right. Forgot. Did you wash the blog with turmeric and apply kumkum on it today? How about actually using that coconut you bought 2 weeks back? Can I get some camphor?

Me: Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!

Other-Me: Can’t.

Me: Can too.

Other-Me: Can too not.

Me: You mean ‘cannot’?

Other-Me: Whatever. *long series of beeps that can’t be typed on a public domain*

Me: Ok!! No point resisting you. Give me one good idea and I swear I’ll treat you like an equal.

Other-Me: God promise? You will?

Me: I will. *fingers crossed behind back – loophole for the promise*

Other-Me: You do realize I can know that you intend to cheat, right?

Me: *giving up* Fine fine fine! Tell me.

Other-Me: Considering the dire straits you’re in, and considering the fact that your mental health is my mental health and considering the fact that I do owe you one from long time ago and considering…

Me: You know, I would like to publish a post on this blog at least before 2080 so…

Other-Me: *Dont-push-your-luck-too-far-or-I’ll-have-to-kill-you look* considering the very obvious fact that your writing skills are fast drying up, I will give you one piece of advice.

Me: Which is?

Other-Me: Just say it.

Me: Er, what?

Other-Me: No big hungama, no party-ish shouting, no fancy pictures from Google, nothing. Just say it. Those few words. Say it.

Me: *bewildered*

Other-Me: What? You got a better idea, chum?

Me: No. This is it.

Other-Me: Then go! Now! Before they all leave. Go!!

So, Me is writing the following in the ‘Compose’ window and hitting ‘Publish’ –

This is my 200th post. I’m happy for me! (going ‘YAY!!’). Thank you, my silent and not-so-silent readers, who put up with everything that I post here and who actually come back (God bless you!) and say nice things about what I write. It’s easy to say that I write only for myself yada yada yada, but the honest truth is, after a point, it gets really lonely writing just for yourself (and the occasional spammer advertising engine oil). It could be no big deal for you leaving a comment, but if you’re also a blogger you’ll know it’s a huge deal to see a comment on something you felt about and penned. And if I’m still here, still writing, still yappin’, it’s because of you. Yes you, right there, reading this line. 🙂 Thank you. You’ve been great, and I do hope I can keep you interested in Thought Process, at least for a little while longer. And I’ll sincerely try not to get this mushy again. But maybe for my 300th post, no? 🙂

Other-Me: See? That wasn’t so bad after all, was it?

Me: *relieved* So now I have to treat you like an equal?

Other-Me: *strutting about proudly inside head* You bet, lady!

Me: In your dreams, you nut! *wicked grin*

Other-Me: Hey!! That’s not…

Other-Me’s voice fades out. Enter Bryan Adams with ‘Summer of 69’.

P.S: 200! Two hundred! 2 followed by 2 whole zeroes. Yippie! Woohoo!!! I did it! I lasted this long! *goes away imagining Oscar statuette in hand, acceptance speech in mind*

21 thoughts on “Me, myself and you

  1. congrats gal…

    anonymous reader of ur blog.. but liked it.. so please don’t stop writing… waiting to see ur 1000th blog…

    how many other me’s wuld be there??



  2. Me – Thanks! Thanks! and same dialogue applies coz I’m also a superstar fan 🙂 glad to meet a fellow fan, btw – inge naa superstar fan’nu sonna ellarum enna geli panra 😦
    P.S: This ‘Me’ is not me. Lesson: To many ‘Me’s spoil the blog 😉

    Sharan – Thank you! such arguments happen all day long, with more name calling n cussing 😉

    Anon – Thanks! 🙂 please do reveal yourself in the near future! And since you asked, there is one more – ‘The Wise Me’ – mostly silent, but gives brilliant advice once in a blue moon 😉

    Aparna – S.Appu? or Appu Krish? endi ipdi confuse panrenga.. ok, whichever Appu it is, thanks!! 🙂


  3. Harish – Thanks! Champagne kudichchu theeththaachchu 😉 you’re the late.

    Nithya – Thank you, thank you! and a biiiig thank you for the chocolate.. my friend and I drooled over it quite a bit (she had to give her laptop for servicing, and the servicing guy asked if she dropped it into a bucket of water. She said yes!) 🙂


  4. Harish – Danks 🙂 idhukkavadhu means what? 😉

    Vivek – Believe you me, it is 200. Even I was in shock for a while. 🙂 thanks!


  5. 🙂 thanks for the clarification! no, that lazy bum doesn’t even read my blog I think.. its just that, whenever you comment you use your blog link and this time you I wasnt so sure 🙂

    sorry, you are and will always be S.Appu for us.. if you want, we can call you R.Appu now.. but nothing like S.Appu de! so adjust panniko please.


  6. omg, Boo! you felt so too? I wrote it and when I read it again, it really felt like what Bartimaeus would say 🙂 looks like someone’s been deeply affected by the djinn!


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