Newton and I

Newton’s First Law of Motion:
An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced force. An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced force.

My Corollary:
A weekend of rest will remain a weekend of rest unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced weekday. A weekend of fun will remain fun unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced Monday.

Right, all I need now is the Nobel prize for contributions to Science.

17 thoughts on “Newton and I

  1. Great, I’m the first to comment!
    How about this:

    My life is peaceful and will remain peaceful, until my extremely unbalanced brat-sister returns from school.

    There! Will I get one too?


  2. Sure thing, Princess! Join the queue 😉

    BTW, I have a cousin who would say the exact same corollary about her sister! She even suggested giving away her sis in adoption to my mom. In exchange for my brother. I was only too glad! 😉


  3. move over newton!!!!!!

    what both of u say makes gud sense…monday is evil…..pure evil….my day was bad…got caught for sleeping in class when a lot of other guys escaped..,


  4. Sharan – Tsk tsk! You need to learn the art of sleeping with your eyes open. And I think Murphy had a hand with your misfortune 😉 Well, looks like you are living proof for my corollary! 🙂 I rest my case.


  5. I beg to differ..I sorta like Mondays (2nd sem mondays especially) cauz i have to attend college for only an hr in the morning 😀
    9:20 – 10:10..I get to come bak home at 10:15 and I go bak again at 2..So its almost like a holiday..:D

    And yeah, plz do not forget to mention our names in the “Thank You” speech, that u will be delivering wen u get the prestigious Nobel Prize 😛


  6. Me – My monday blues are funny for you, no? 😦

    Nithya – GETOUTTAHERE! And hey, whats that cute profile pic? looks vaguely familiar… and yes, will mention all your names for providing me the inspiration and encouragement to contribute to Newton’s laws 🙂


  7. The Weekend of fun ends with sunday eve,Monday blues start for me on sunday eve itself i start cursing myself how fast this weekend alone goes.. nothin can be done.. it sure is a novel nobel prize concept


  8. Venki – I understand. I sometimes get the Sunday evening blues too 😦 no escapin’ the Monday though.

    Princess – *does a curtsy* thank you, I’m honored, know, the works! 🙂


  9. That’s R.K.Laxman’s Common man, a caricature of himself…Cute na ? i loved it..”A dose of laughter” book oda influence 😛


  10. Nithya – Thought so! 🙂 Time to get back to my bookshelf!

    Princess – When you said an apple pie for a thousand pictures, I thought you’d give me an apple pie! 😦 But no, you’re actually asking me to give you an apple pie! How mean!

    Anon – Are you talkin’ about the general public having to read my monday-blue-blogs (aka evil)? I’m lost, unless you wanna clarify it a bit please! 🙂


  11. naah, your monday-blue-blogs are actually a breather on a Mondays 🙂

    I was talking more on the lines of Newtonian theory of science. It is more of a scientific fact that Mondays are evil and are rather unbalanced (unpredictable) in nature. Therefore the “unless acted upon” may not be a correct postulation.
    It will always be acted upon 🙂


  12. Ah! Got it! 🙂 Thanks. You’re right, Mondays are evil. But coming Monday (Mar 19) is not – ‘coz it’s a holiday!! Yoohoo! 🙂


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