Helluo librorum

I’m officially out of space in my little bookshelf. I don’t find place for my precious Calvin and Hobbes’ books (their size is not quite the standard size) and I don’t like keeping books the way it’s kept above. I like them all neatly arranged, indexed and then ordered by what I read often (read multiple times that is) and what I would like to read later. But no. No space! And I’m still in two minds whether I’ve to invest in a huge book shelf like the ones we see in the studies of famous writers and artists. I’m not sure my family can take that shock. It’s just too early!

So till then, I’ll just have to do with my little bookshelf. The new books will now start invading the space in the showcase. And when that’s full, there’s always the coffee table in the living room. God willing, if that’s also full, I’m thinking about the dining table. C’mon, one needs place for books in one’s house, right? We’ll just have to be happy that I don’t intend to move my masala dabbas out of the kitchen cabinets and use that for books. Now that would be a truly shocking shock for the family. Tell you a secret? I actually would love to see the look on my Mom’s face if that happens! Evil me.

And the book currently out of the shelf and in my hand –

P.S: Yes, you guessed it right. I finally learnt how to download photos from the camera into my laptop. Talk about slow learners, eh? Better late than never, you see.


19 thoughts on “Helluo librorum

  1. “Helluo librorum”..erm..May i know wat it means ?? Helluva library ?? 😛

    And yeah..This book-shelf problem used to persist at my place too…My books never were( and never are) inside shelves…Amma got so fed up of this habit of mine, that she packed all the books (And she made a bound copy of all my comic book collections) in a big cardboard box..and now that cardboard box lies in the attic..So everytime i need to read a “Famous FIve” or “THe Christmas Carol” i’ll have to climb up the ladder, take the big box, open the cardboard lid, take the book, close the box and put it bak in the attic…What an ordeal ! 😦

    And yeah..add The Kite Runner to ur collection..U mite like it 🙂


  2. i might probably kill you to get my hands on ur book shelf!!!!!
    nice collection….
    LOTR rocks eh???
    by the way how’s this latest book you are reading??


  3. I’ll tell u a way to clean up that mess and have it organised better..

    take out as many books as u can, such that the rest of the books fit perfectly and neatly..

    the books taken outside may feel neglected.. that’s ok, send them to me! I’ve a LOT of space on my bookshelf. 🙂


  4. Aahaa..ethanna peru pa kelambirikkeenga? en books ellam abase panradhukku!

    Nithya – LOL @ helluva library.. actually, it stands for ‘A glutton for books’, but your meaning sounds better 😉 Ayyo paavam, you have your books on the paranai? Will definitely check out Kite Runner

    Sharan – LOTR does rock, altho not as much as Harry Potter 😀 and Ptolemy’s Gate is ok..yet to get into it fully, just started.. will put up a review of the trilogy once Im done with it

    Manoj – My mistake to except suggestions on getting over the book crisis at home.. you people seem hell bent on totally emptying it! :-\

    Harish – We’re all searching for you after your last mokkai. Tell me your address to send the books (evil laughter follows) 😉


  5. Put a price on my books..hmmm… interesting… if you’re anyway willing to buy the books, why not go to a regular bookstore! Why my books specifically? Thaangal peraadha inbam this vaiyyagam also shouldn’t get? Bad!


  6. Oh yes, learnt Mallu ‘coz my husband is a Malayali 🙂 can speak pretty fluently with the occasional pronunciation goof-ups (which is aptly made fun of by near and dear).

    What made you ask that, though? 😕


  7. The “Learn Malayalam in a month” book in ur book shelf 😀

    And yeah Raja Raja Chozhan is one of my fav songs too 🙂


  8. Woof! Quite a joint you are here… it’ll take quite a bit of time to explore it completely… looking forward to it 😀


  9. Nithya – WHAA??!!! you could see that book? I took that picture and I cant see that book! ok, now you’re plain freakin’ me out with your microscopic vision (or is that telescopic vision? whatever!) BTW, interesting thing is you did not ask me if I’m learning Italian when that book is also visible 😉

    Witnwisdumb – 🙂 Welcome! I ‘discovered’ blogchaat today (pretty late, I know. But then I’m always Late Kate), loved the layouts n the content, so linked to it. Enjoy your stay here! 😉


  10. spurred on by Nithya’s comment, I wanted to take a look too..

    idhula best comedy is the book on bookkeeping 😀 irony redefined!


  11. Harish! adha vida best comedy enna theriyuma? That book on bookkeeping is not for book keeping, its for financial/accounting bookkeeping! 🙂

    Did I just hear some irony fall flat on it’s face and get splattered all over the floor? 😉


  12. There! Now since I’m on your blog, you can tell me more about Jonathan Stroud.
    This place is great, and I now have something tons better to do between my geography and sociology classes.


  13. ~does a curtsy~ Welcome, your royal highness 😉

    You bet I’ll talk about Stroud in a day or two when I finish the book.

    BTW, I’ve been skipping into your blog on and off for the pixie dust (it’s just sooooo stress-relieving, trust me). Your blog stats might appear skewed, thanks to me 😀


  14. haha!!!! i missed ur blogs in 360 cos of the vibrant comments section (alrite … they were only a bonus to the blogs themselves!) … glad to see it come alive here! 🙂


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