Soggy delights

All my creativity leaked out of my ears last night and now I have none left. Ergo, I will be putting you both (yes, I still firmly believe there are never more than 2 people who read this blog) through the following painful ordeal. Resistance is futile. Resign to your fate and read on please.

One of the most entertaining part of my work-day is the coffee routine in the evening. Not because the coffee is good (it never is, FYI), just because 1) I need something hot to drink at that time and 2) believe it or not, I badly need that eensy weensy bit of exercise (approximately 25 steps from my desk to the pantry, go figure.). Now, one cannot drink a coffee/tea without something to munch. The thoughtful people that they are, the office guys keep a whole variety of biscuits next to the abomination of a dispenser. (Some day I’ll blog about how much I ‘adore’ that dispenser.)

Right, so about the biscuits. When I say wide variety, I mean really wide variety. We have the usual Marie, Krackjack, Goodday and cream biscuits (orange, milk aka yuck, etc) but then we also have *start drumbeats* Britannia Milk Bikkis *end drumbeats* Remember those biscuits? The first ones we probably had (if you’re as old as me, chances are this was the first biscuit you had with your two tiny milk teeth) and maybe the only ones in the grocery store of yore! Like I was telling my colleague, these Bikkis always remind me of little babies leaving half eaten, soggy biscuits on the floor. Don’t ask me why.

But the point of this post is not Britannia Milk Bikkis. It’s about which biscuits are best soggy. Yep, yours truly will now reveal the findings of this top secret project to determine which biscuits go well with coffee/tea. All my opinions, which I will definitely try to impose on you. Escape it if you can.

1. Britannia Marie – Typical chai biscuit, isn’t it? A full 95 marks on 100.
2. Britannia Milk Bikkis – They’re ok. Just that they taste a wee bit too sweet when soggy with coffee/tea. If your coffee or tea doesn’t have sugar, you might enjoy this. But if your coffee/tea does not have sugar, you probably shouldn’t be having biscuits, no? 75 on 100.
3. Britannia Chocolate chip biscuits – I used to like them at one time. But then I had it so often that now I can’t stand them. The chocolate chips kinda melt when they’re soggy. But it’s ok if you want a change in your usual soggy biscuit routine. 70 on 100.
4. Britannia Goodday – Ditto above. Like some Spice Girl said, too much of something is bad enough. I wouldn’t suggest a soggy Goodday. It soaks up the liquid too soon and more often than not, breaks in the cup. And then you have fish around in the cup to take it out or even worse, leave it in till the beverage is over. Messy matter. 20 on 100.
5. Cream biscuits – Wrong choice again. The cream makes it too sweet. They have a new flavor called Milk cream (which if Im not mistaken is also used in soaps!! enough said.) – ‘yuck’ is an understatement. 20 on 100.
6. Krackjack/Salt biscuits – Not exactly good when soggy, mainly ‘coz it’s a bit salty. Salty biscuit dipped in sweet coffee tastes like salty biscuit dipped in…coffee! I lost what I wanted to write, so excuse please! Also, it takes longer to soak up the coffee. 30 on 100.
7. Britannia Bourbon – Woe to ye if you dip this in coffee or tea. Thou shalt never insult chocolate by mixing it with other things. Putting chocolate between two biscuits is bad enough. 0 on 100, because this is not acceptable behavior for a normal person. I mean a normal chocolate loving person.
8. Britannia True Coconut biscuits – Surprisingly good when soggy with coffee! Try it to know it. 85 on 100.

Note: I’m not paid by Britannia to do this research (although I wish they would!). It’s just out of goodwill towards the general public that I indulge in such activities.

Bored? I understand. I’m bored too. Time for coffee! And…a soggy biscuit!

BTW, picture above has nothing much to do with the post. It just looked so yummy that I had to put it up and drool a bit.

P.S: I write too much in brackets, don’t I? Shows what sort of a chatterbox I am, no? 🙂 Too late, you already know me/my blog.

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15 thoughts on “Soggy delights

  1. Lol..THat was a cute and sweet post …And that pic makes me drooooooool too…Yumm Yumm Yumm..:D
    Chocolates rock neday

    And yeah, these dayz Britannia Marie biscuit is becoming sweeter..So i don’t think it goes with sweet coffee/tea

    And try this combo as well Rusk+tea/coffee or ‘Khari biscuit’ (I don’t know what it is called in english :D) with tea/coffee..I would give a 100 on 100 🙂


  2. now thats research…..u have ventured where no one has before….!!!!

    I like my coffee unaltered…jus plain coffee… dad suggests bread along with it..just a teeny dip….otherwise the bread will disappear..then voila!!! B(re)ad coffee!!…

    I however luv plain rasam with papad!!…try it!!


  3. 1. You dipped a krackjack in coffee?? Was that the time you slipped and hit ur head against ur desk?

    2. There’s a community in orkut called Milk Bikis dipping!

    3. thanks for that pic X( Now I’m hungry again..


  4. This is to let you know that I pestered my mom for my second cup of coffee and ate it with soggy marie..

    note to self: NEVER visit this blog when slightly hungry


  5. Nithya – hehe, you’ve done the research too, I see! 🙂 Nice. I’ve tried rusk – felt it better with tea, not so good with coffee.

    Manoj Britannia – Enna marandhel? BTW, how do you put those comments in Tamil? been wanting to know that for ages!

    Sharan – Let’s not talk about rasam and pappadam 😦 I start missing my mom’s cooking!


  6. Me – Don’t cry! I gave it 0 coz its not supposed to be dipped in anything! On the taste scale, I’d give Bourbon a full 110! Trust me.

    Harish –
    1. I dipped it once, didnt do it again. And no, it was after the little midget in my head made a pulp of my brain with his midget-sized hammer.
    2. Me no orukutting. Ever.
    3. Yaam petra inbam… 😉
    That’s a good note to self – I never visit my blog when I’m hungry either. 🙂


  7. I meant you forgot mention the brittania marie gold doubles biscuit. That’s easily the best tea biscuit yet.

    Typing Tamil? You haven’t learnt yet? Well i use this little software from It’s called ‘eKalappai’. So easy, you can type in any windows application with it. Just switch it on and type “priyaa” and your screen will read ப்ரியா 🙂


  8. usually for me anything with coffee, even better with sweet tea, is atleast 90+/100.
    exceptions are the salt variety…. no soaking ever.
    my ‘bestest’ is milk bikkis with sweet tea. (sweet tea, by the way, is one shade away from payasam)


  9. Manoj – Marie Gold doubles? Sounds it the one with orange and chocolate flavors in one biscuit? 😕 Thx for the tamil typing instructions, will try it out soon.

    CK – Hey, long time! LOL @ shade away from payasam – man, that is way too sweet! 😉


  10. hi!!!


    i use this tool , quillpad which is available online, you need not take the pain of downloading a font and learning a keyboard layout,
    you just need to login , tpe in english how you speak , and you will see the script available in tamil,

    get into, to know more abt it
    and have fun 🙂


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