Ind vs SL, Live!

Guess who’s at Visakhapatnam watching the 4th ODI between India and Sri Lanka, live and in person?

If you said me, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mainly because I’m here blogging.

But if you said my husband, WOOHOO! Bingo! Be jealous, all you cricket fans who couldn’t make it. Be really really jealous.

And I know now what can make me watch a full cricket match – the fact that I can see my better half on screen!

Also, for once, I wait for the bowler to stop bowling or take longer gaps between each ball so the camera can roam around the stands and focus on my hubbie.

Well folks, I better get goin’! Got a cricket match and a husband to watch. Woohoo again!

6 thoughts on “Ind vs SL, Live!

  1. Harish – He saw the match, but I didnt see him 😦 ellam long shots, so couldnt figure out…

    Sharan – hehe, I’m not surprised! Me? Go for a cricket match? O dear God, no! I cant stand it!


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