Blue Blah

I could write a book about Monday Blues. All I need is to pick up all my Monday-blog-posts and voila! I got myself my book! It’s got action, drama, poetry and violence (to my readers ofcourse, people have died reading about my blues). And the title would be something like ‘How she met a Monday, got kicked and became blue’ – sounds familiar? Blame the world wide web for all the awareness people have these days.

Right, so back to the main topic of the day – Monday. Today is actually not that bad. Yep, you can put your eyes back into their respective sockets, I just said that today – a Monday – is not that bad after all. Ask me why, ask me why! Beeeeecoz…**wink wink** it’s even worse. **drops down dead**

After so many blog posts, how can you ever believe me if I say a Monday is not so bad after all.


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