Chocolate Chip Cake

Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Premium Muffin Mix.

Made with Hershey’s semi sweet chocolate chips.

Below that is this really yummy looking picture of a chocolate chip muffin surrounded by chocolate chips.

Note: This is not a food blog-entry. For the world of me, I do not know how to make chocolate chip cake from scratch.

That said, I can, however, make a chocolate chip cake from Betty Crocker’s Muffin Mix. Trust me, I don’t even need to see the directions. And I can make it using a microwave (when the directions on the pack ask us to use an oven) since I do not YET own an oven (my request for an electric oven is ‘Pending Approval’ from you-know-who).

Now, according to Betty Crocker, this is a Muffin mix. But then, the always-so-busy me does not have the patience to go shopping for muffin cups, ergo – this is now a cake mix. Poured the entire thing into a glass dish and chucked it into the microwave – voila, 30 minutes and yummy-smell-fills-house later, chocolate chip cake is ready to eat. Need I say that it tastes absolutely divine? It tastes absolutely divine.

And no one is welcome to my house till the cake is over. I’m not kidding.


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