Of theft and a river

My broadband connection went kaput. Know why? Some moron decided it would be good to steal, yes steal, a part of the telephone cables (which in turn controls my broadband connection) buried underground.

Hey, we’re all tired of the usual reasons of a dead telephone like rains, faulty cables and all that right? So this is a new reason. Theft! Theft of cables!

Long live BSNL.

Till then, enjoy this one pic – of River Teesta, that gave us company on our way to Gangtok from Darjeeling. And on the way down from Gangtok to Baghdogra. The pic was taken by my husband from a moving car – good no?

By the way, you know a color called ‘aquamarine’? Yeah, that was the color of the river. Aquamarine. It really exists you know, not just a made-up color for cars.

I know something’s wrong with this post, but I’m not able to place it! Feels like I’m being possessed by someone and it’s not me writing this! Let me know if you know what’s wrong, please.

P.S: I’m working on getting the RSS feed up. I have to tinker with the template and right now, I’m just not in a mood to look at code! 😦 So please bear with me, will get it done at the earliest.


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