The usual blah

You know my last post, where I was cribbing that I didnt know what to write about? Well, its different now. I suddenly seem to have too many things to write about and now my problem is I dont know where to start! By the way, is there an opposite to writer’s block? Like if a writer has too many ideas going on and doesn’t know where to start?! I wonder how that would feel.

Right. So, where was I? Oh yeah. A coupla things to give my unasked-for, totally-worthless opinion on –

1. Paramount Airways. One word, awesome! ok, make that AWESOME! I flew from Hyd to Chennai (for only Rs.2200!) and it was amazing. The aircrafts are new, all seats are business class (yes, you heard me right, business class), the food was great, the service was impeccable, the checkin facilities were really good (I didnt even have to push my own trolley! someone did it for me!!! Woohoo! Cmon, if you’re as lazy as me, that’s a huge deal.) and the flight was on time!

So if you ever have a chance to fly Paramount, go right ahead. Worth it. And they also have an offer where you can collect 7 Paramount boarding passes (to n from anywhere) and have the 8th travel completely free! 🙂 Nice, no?

2. Air Deccan. Now, I told you about my trip from Hyd to Chennai. From there to my hometown saw me board an Air Deccan am I kidding, they’re not actually flights, but for want of a better word, let’s just stick to ‘flight’. Right, so they make us sit in the aircraft 10 mins before take-off. I’m almost surprised that its gonna be on time. Almost.

Sat there for 15 mins. Now 15 might sound like less, but without air conditioning, on the tarmac, with Chennai’s humidity for company would make 15 feel like 50. So here we were in a sauna and the captain (ok..make that ‘captain’..) comes on and says the weather is bad for landing there, so there’ll be a 15 min delay. Great. But no, it doesnt end there. After 10 mins, he comes back on and says the weather is really bad, so there’s gonna be a 1 hour delay and we were supposed to deplane and board after an hour. Oh yeah! Now that’s like Air Deccan, me thought.

The best part starts here: they deplane us, take us to the checkin counter again to get us fresh boarding passes, take us through the security check, back to the boarding gate and into the aircraft. In 15 mins. And the flight reached its destination a good 2 hours late.

Let’s just blame it on the weather gods, else I might just become a murderer which I seriously cannot afford to be.

3. Chennai. Have you been to Chennai of late? Like in the last 2 weeks? Dont go. There aren’t any roads left – it’s just one big pothole fest. Now if you live in Chennai you might wanna thrash me, but please understand that for a person living in Hyderabad, good roads are as natural as the air we breathe. Yeah, be jealous. That’s all you can do. I cannot remember the last time I saw a road in Chennai.

Ok ok, I’m just exaggerating in the last sentence! Sue me. 😉

4. Three new books on my bookshelf: Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’, Thomas Friedman’s ‘The world is flat’ and Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. Man, life’s good. 🙂

5. Tirupati. In my next post probably, waiting for the pictures. I mean, waiting for myself to download the pics into my laptop from the camera.

In the meanwhile…

Sitting here with a blog compose window for like 30 minutes. And nothing to type!

So I just typed the above sentence, and then this.

And this.

It’s good to be back, that too with absolutely no idea what to write about. Oh wait, did I say good? I meant bad. And did I say ‘back’? I meant ‘almost back’.

Or something like that.