Cute and Cuter

Two advertisements I can watch over and over again –

Isn’t he the most cutest kid you’ve ever seen? 🙂

Two posts in one day. Shows how totally busy and occupied I am, no? *wink*


7 thoughts on “Cute and Cuter

  1. really cute ad…loved watching it..
    Hey wasnt the way he carries his umbrella really cute??

    Oh my,I have used this word “cute” so many times already…

    so what? Very cuty-cute indeed!


  2. Ramya – Hi! welcome. I love that kid! His expression when his grandpa tells him to be careful – priceless! 🙂

    Appu – Yeaah! Isn’t it cute the way the umby hangs from his back?! Very thoughtful way actually, so he wont lose it 😉


  3. Both the ads were very nice and funny. The boy was very cute he nice expressions.
    I too used to carry the umbrella that way, because I long history of loosing umbrella’s. Its very comfortable to carry the umbrella that way.
    You have got a nice blog. I just love Calvin & Hobbes a lot. Calvin reminds me of my childhood, there are some common questions we have had 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you around. 🙂


  4. soo damn cute…the kid is really cute…but, i am not able to watch the first one…it isnt playing…

    nehow, am a first timer here…blog hopped and landed here…


  5. oh…cute! will be back to read your other posts..but i loved both these ads..the cute kid was chooo chweet but whats her’s wife, that had me laughing!

    –came here via shiva.


  6. Absolutely adorable! For a big time fan of CZJ, the first one was a treat! Followed a long trail of blogs and got to yours… nice work you have here. I’ve bookmarked yours for my ‘lunch read’. 🙂

    Oh… and here is something funny too


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