To all you schmucks standing in front of the coffee-dispenser:

If you’ve taken your coffee, GET THE HELL OUT! It’s a 4ft by 7ft room and you’re not exactly as small as a mosquito (although, I wouldn’t put it past you to be a bug), so do us all a favor and leave!

And for godssakes, pick a biscuit soon. It’s a biscuit, not a million dollar house you’re thinkin’ of buying. Jobless as you are, did you have any idea that other people might actually have work to do? Or did you think we would take our coffee and join you in being a schlub?

Ofcourse, above all this, when someone says ‘Excuse me’, MAKE WAY!! How dumb are you, anyway?!

When will the world be rid of morons? Seriously, when?


5 thoughts on “Morons!

  1. Oh, I wish it were that simple. It has been found by scientific research that being a moron is usually a congenital defect that cannot be corrected once the patient reaches adulthood. So no hopes 😦 It’s too late *removes spectacles, shakes head sadly**


  2. f2f – That’s the whole point! Me goes to relax and get a cuppa, and these guys are such a pain! 😦

    WA – Pogamaatengaraangale! :-(( BTW, when you blogging again? People like me waiting 🙂


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