To a good samaritan

Scene: Busy traffic junction. Vehicles whooshing past red lights. In other words, a typical Indian traffic signal junction. It would be suicidal to even BE on the roads.

A well-dressed guy (by the looks, a software engineer) holding the hand of a really old lady (by the looks, a poor beggar) and taking her across the road on a zebra crossing. Took her the whole way to the other side and then crossed back to catch a cab/auto to his workplace.

I don’t know who he is. But whoever he is, he did a really really cool thing.

To you, stranger-who-helped-an-old-lady-cross-the-road: Way to go, dude! It could be a trivial thing for you, but it would’ve meant a lot to that old lady. You probably saved her life by helping her out on that road today. And I know she would’ve blessed you with all her heart. And that is one of the best kind of blessings you can ever hope to get. Feel proud. And blessed.

Humanity is still around, you know. It’s not completely wiped out. Yet.


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