The flower and the bee

The little flower said to the bee,
‘Oh, how you buzz away, always so free.’
Said the bee to little flower blue,
‘I’m never free, I have work to do!’

‘But you’re still not tied down,
To the hard earth so brown!
Up, up and away you fly
Reaching high to the deep blue sky.’

‘Ah, but that is far from true,
My dear little flower, so blue –
I can fly high on a day so sunny,
But come down, I must, for your sweet honey!’

You can take the kid out of kindergarten, but you cannot take kindergarten out of the kid.

2 thoughts on “The flower and the bee

  1. Dude, first – me not kavitha, me priya (I know thats a PJ but what the heck!). Second, last line in the post padikkaleya? Naa KG vittu vandhuten..aana KG enna vitta poga maatengardhu! 🙂


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