I’m tired of this template for my blog. So me going to make some changes.

If you find queer things or misplaced things or a completely messed up place, please adjust! I’m not that dumb usually, but it happens sometimes. Like a great soul once said, some people have the ability to mess up anything and everything. I know that person was definitely talkin’ about me.

So do come back after a while – at least to tell me if my new template can stay or not.

P.S: If, even after a week, you find the same template, blame Garfield. Seriously, that cat is having a very very bad influence on good girls like me. It’s as if being lazy is the latest fad or somethin’! **shakes head** It’s hopeless, I tell you.

P.P.S: Long P.S eh? Yeah, I do things like that. **shrugs**

Live Update: So far so good. I could do better with the title. Looks downright crappy. Oh BTW, from now on, site best viewed on resolution 800×600 and above. Like it matters! 😛

Update 2: Check out my new Calvin and Hobbes font for the page header!!!! Awesome! I love it. 🙂

Update 3: Ok, I’ve done something wrong. That much I know. Wanna see something weird? Click on ‘Comments’ and see the crazy sized font that appears! Or you could click on something in ‘Calvins Desk’ and see the old template show up! Yikes! Man, I got work to do… oh, just found another one – check out the really old posts around March 2006 – resolution does matter you know, I take back what I said in Update 1. **shoulders slumped**

Update 4: Hopefully this is the final update. 🙂 I’ve done what I could. I’m thinking of outsourcing the acceptance/unit/system testing to you, my dear readers! So please feel free to break my page 😉 Any comments/suggestions most welcome (for once!). You think I should increase the font size for the posts? I don’t want to be the reason why you had to start wearing spectacles you know. :-


6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. loud and clear! :)) Very cute! I think you are still in the process so will give you the feedback a while later. For now, the banner rocks! 🙂


  2. Boo – Danke! 🙂 Waiting for the feedback.

    Appu – Appoooo!! I spent 15 minutes googling for that particular font de! But lemme see if I can make the image clearer – Tanks! If not for readers like you, my kaalam kashta kaalam no?


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