I’m happy for Italy 🙂 I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this amazingly beautiful country and its people. And a well deserved win against France. I wanted to see Zidane repeat his 1998 magic, but the jerk went and got himself red-carded in the last match of his career. But man, that head-butt! Materazzi wouldn’t have known what hit him! Reminded one of Figo in a not-so-long-ago match against Holland – some people are lucky to escape. Some are not. It just wasn’t Zidane’s day.

I am, however, glad the FIFA World Cup is over – I’m literally tired of keeping awake till 3 in the morning to see 22 guys run around chasing a ball. It was fun when it was around, but now that it’s over – I have to admit, it IS a relief.

Most importantly – anyone else feel like breaking the TV when the HDFC Life Insurance Ad song ‘Naa sar jukha hai kabhi’ plays whenever the World Cup matches are on? I SO HATE THAT STUPID SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Italy! 🙂


3 thoughts on “FIFA and HDFC

  1. Actually I was telling Hubby how nice to see Football matches rather than Cricket matches. Reason being: Less Ads! 🙂 They ARE annoying especially in the middle of the night!


  2. You bet, Boo! I said the exact same thing to my Hubby. And you KNOW they’ll get over in 90 minutes (or 120!) and not take an entire day!

    The HDFC Ad is just heights – 64 matches, the AD comes thrice (start, half time, end) at the minimum, so that makes it 64×3 = 192 times!!! OMG!


  3. I hate that ad too!!

    my frd and i were talking abt it one day, and that stupid tune got stuck to my head for the entire day 😦


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