Monday. Blue. Red. Yellow. Color. Black. Blind. Amitabh. Rani. King. Armor. Sword. Sharp. Cut. Blood. Pain. Doctor. Injection. Needle. Medicine. Mom. Baby. Cry. Diaper. Yuck. Blank. Stop. Start. Green. Signal. Go. Traffic. Jam. Bread. Butter. Toast. Egg. Breakfast. Coffee. Tea. Water. Hot. Cold. Icecream. Yummy. Chocolate. Creamy. Orange. Mango. Juice. Fridge. Icecube. Freezer. Chicken. Meat. Hotel. Restaurant. Weekend. Shopping. Spend. Debt. Bankrupt. Work. Tired. Sleep. Bed. Cozy. Book. Coffee. Rain. Sleep. Dull. Dreary. Today. Monday.

**takes a bow** Thanks for putting up with my Monday-Blue indulgences.

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