Pink Panther – I

Remember the cute pink tiger waltzing around the screen to this unforgettable tune? After watching all the mundane and hardly-funny ‘comedy’ movies floating around, Pink Panther was a welcome relief to me.

It’s a story of the ever-fumbling comical French detective, Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers), trying to catch the Phantom, a jewel thief who’s out to steal a diamond belonging to a Princess. Things get a bit difficult since Clouseau’s own wife is an accomplice to the Phantom!

What I loved most about the movie was the effortless humor almost in every scene. Some people would find it silly – sometimes, too silly to even deserve a laugh – but that does not apply to me! Also amazing were the starting credits with the Pink Panther! OMG, I died laughing – never before have credits been so interesting and funny in the entire history of my movie-watching!

The movie was also released recently with Steve Martin playing Clouseau, but I doubt if he would do as good a job as Sellers. The accent, the clumsy behavior (he cannot walk in a straight line without knocking over atleast a flower-pot, a table and/or his own Stradivarius) – man, he rocks! The movie has an old world charm to it (it is old – released in 1963, or so IMDb says) and the costumes and sets are way cool.

Well, if it’s a weekend afternoon and you got nothing better to do, rent this movie and catch some laughs. Totally worth it!

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