It’s monsoon, you lazy loon!

Monsoon’s here. At least it was when I left home this morning. Every time it rains for 2 hours at a stretch, we think it’s finally here – and then it’s back to the sweltering heat for another 2 days! Looks like someone up there hasn’t made up His/Her mind yet (you know why I added ‘Her’ – seriously, why can’t it be a Her? Give me one good reason.).

It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? Rain. The petrichor. And the effect is so instantaneous. Not like summer or winter where you know it gradually that the season’s changing. One good shower, and you forget it’s summer! The feeling that comes when you gulp down a mouthful of cool water after a long and hard walk in the hot sun – I guess that’s how the earth feels when the first shower comes down.

And after a good 2 or 3 hours of downpour, everything around looks so clean and fresh. Like someone came around and scrubbed the entire place and made it spic and span. Every leaf, every petal, every inch of wood on the huge banyan tree, every little pebble near the tar road with cow dung stains all over that somehow reminds you of your ancestral village.

Ever noticed how a lot of our memories are associated with smells? When you find that rare bit of paddy field in a concrete jungle and get a whiff of the wet earth and grass – you’re just transported back to Grandma’s village with the lush paddy and sugarcane fields. The smell of cows. The smell of roasted corn on the cobs. The smell of mud when you wash peanuts still in their shells.

I seem to have deviated a lot from monsoon now, haven’t I? Blame my tangential mind as usual. Another example that women’s thoughts are like noodles – you never know where one ends and the next begins. Men, on the other hand, think in blocks – so the thought flow is not continuous. If you think about it a bit more, that kinda explains a lot of things on why men are from Mars and women, from Venus (and that, people, is the most cliched thing ever about men and women and I hate cliches!).

Coming back to monsoon (noodles, remember?) – you know what’s the best thing about rain? Apart from the smells and the cool breeze and the occasional drop that splatters nearby, dispersing into a fine spray that’s a bit like a spray of perfume? Rain, IMHO, is the root cause of all laziness. Ever felt like getting up from bed when it’s pouring (or even drizzling) outside? And even if you dragged yourself out of bed, ever felt like going to work? Leave alone work, ever felt like keeping down that mug of coffee (praying that somehow the mug fills itself with the rich brew again)?

Where am I going with this ramble? (That’s a stupid question – it’s a ramble, it’s not supposed to go anywhere! But..whatever!) The point I’m making is: I’m feeling lazy and it’s all because of the rain. Garfield has to pardon me for this blasphemous statement, but yeah – blame the rain. And the mug of coffee, ofcourse. And the latest Ludlum I’m engrossed in (it’s called ‘The Ambler Warning’ – will blog about it when I’m done with it).

P.S: Am I supposed to mention a song of the moment? Everyone seems to be doing that these days! Why, though? Is it like whatever song is running on your Realplayer now or is it the song you wished you could hear right now? Or is it just whatever matches the mood of the post? know what? Forget it! I’m not listening to any songs right now. And that’s the way I like it at the moment. Longest P.S ever, eh? **shrugs**


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