Random Musings

– Cold coffee, Appy Fizz, Mazaa or any other cold beverage cannot replace water when you’re terribly thirsty.

– The only food thats healthier and tastes better than its not-so-healthy couterpart is Veg Sandwich made out of Wheat bran bread. The not-so-healthy counterpart is Veg Sandwich made out of regular milk bread. And they both taste like heaven when you’re starving.

– The taste of the food is directly proportional to your hunger.

– If you’re not feeling hungry during lunchtime yet and you see that the time is close to 2 PM, you suddenly feel very very hungry.

– Supermarket theory 1: People with pushcarts in a supermarket are slower than a herd of tortoises slipping (& sliding) on butter.

– Supermarket theory 2: The more the number of people waiting to be billed, the lesser the billing counters.

– Sunday theory 1: No one stays at home on Sundays. They are all either on the road or in supermarkets.

– Sunday theory 2: The ones on the road are, as usual, blind, deaf and plain dumb. So are the ones in the supermarkets.

– Kwality Walls’ Chocolate Cornetto has chocolate-coated raisins at the bottom of the cone. It used to be just chocolate.

– Tamarind trees are not inhabited by ghosts at night. At least, not till 10:30 PM.

– Would be fun if the Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup, Wimbledon, the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the Super Bowl – all happened at the same time. Every time.

– If you’d forgotten, today is a Monday.


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