Edward Lear and Me

Of late, I find myself in a mood for limericks about random things. Something like the original idea that Lear intended – crazy anecdotes about people who have names that rhyme with crazier words. No clue what I’m talkin’ about, eh? Try this…

This is one by Lear –

There was a young lady of Wilts,
Who walked up to Scotland on stilts;
When they said it is shocking
To show so much stocking,
She answered, “Then what about kilts?”

Get the picture? 🙂 Now for the bad part of this post – my own limerick 🙂

There was once a girl in Bloomingdale
She was shopping for a dress and a veil.
The dress was white,
And the veil, just right –
But alas, she now looked like Florence Nightingale!

I got nerve putting up my crap next to Lear, huh? Ah well..it’s my blog after all – you know, MY blog..(stress on MY, ofcourse)..

It’s good he died in 1888 (according to the www. If I’m wrong, you cannot sue me for this) – if he hadn’t, he sure would have hung himself now.

And this is just the beginning… **evil music in background**

If you never want to come back to this blog again, I can understand. 😦


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