Ellen Degeneres – Here and Now

Fan of stand-up comedy? Check this out!

Watched this on Comedy Central months ago, been searching for it ever since…

Found it on YouTube finally! 🙂

Ellen Degeneres – Here and Now

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4 thoughts on “Ellen Degeneres – Here and Now

  1. Paris Hilton’s favorite comedian is also Ellen Denegeres. I like Mencia, and am sure you would agree if you’ve seen “Mind of Mencia.” Search for it in youtube if you like


  2. Hey…
    nice video.. thanx for sharing…

    my first visit here… came from sheks’ blog! BTW, have replied to your query on c-sharp, on sheky’s blog!


  3. TY – Thx for the info, will check that out for sure. 🙂

    Sheks – Better luck with your connection, dude. Thx for dropping by MY blog 😉

    Aravind – Yep, saw your reply – I seriously had no idea. Evident how ‘interested’ I was in the language, no? 😉


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