Weekend Musings

Yeah, musing is what you can do on a Monday. Especially if you had a fun weekend. Don’t get too happy, I’m not going into the details (makes me hate today all the more and I’m trying to keep my Monday-bashing to a minimum since it has started to appear in my Y! 360 testimonials). Right, so the weekend..some things I observed –

* If you think sitting in front of a computer all day long, typing away god-knows-what for god-knows-when deadlines, is a boring job then think again – there is a person in this world who’s job is to repeat the same 15 lines over and over again to complete strangers and listen to sub-standard music. Feel lucky to do what you do.

* Nothing is free in this world. You have to spend precious money for anything and everything. Money saved somewhere is money spent elsewhere.

* When it rains, it not only pours, it also ruins good roads. Not to mention the ankle-deep mud water in front of your own gate.

* Mango icecream can be white in color.

* Chocolate chips in chocolate icecream lose their taste after a while – since it’s icecream, your tongue loses its sense of taste after sometime and then its just like chewing tasteless chocolate chips. Which tastes like tasteless chocolate chips.

* You can feel cold even in summer. If you live in Hyderabad, that is.

* A lake cannot be a substitute for a beach. Ever.

* Most people on the roads do not know how to drive. They are also blind, deaf and plain dumb.

* Some shops still close on Sundays. (We shopping-mall-generations forget that sometimes).

* The shops you want to visit are usually the ones that will be closed. (Muphy’s Law, perhaps?)

* It is very easy to get (back) into a dilemma seconds after making a seemingly clear and satisfactory decision.

* There are really beautiful flowers near the sidewalk on the way home. Every single day.

* The anxiety of spending vanishes the moment the credit card is swiped and the amount entered. What follows is good ol’ guilt.

* Not blogging for 3 days makes you feel completely and absolutely out of touch with the rest of the blog world.

* Irrespective of the weekend being good or bad, Mondays on my blog almost always has posts like this one.

Have a great week ahead, amici!


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