Priceless things in life…

– listening to the story of Krishnadeva Rayulu from Ammamma, with Mum as co-listener and Aunt as co-contributor. (Me almost cried when Appaji blinds himself for no fault of his!)

– Home-made Aakkoora pappu (that’s a dal dish made with green leafy vegetables).

– Home-made anything. Even Idli-Sambhar or Mudhdha Pappu! (I’m too tired to translate folks, so adjust please)

– playing Chinese Checkers for the first time ever in your life and win! It’s another thing that my ‘opponents’ were my 11 yr old cousin and my 68 yr old Ammamma. **sheepish grin**

– learning silly hand games (you know the girlie ones that girls in KG classes play? Yeah, there ya go!) from my cousin. Hey, you guys are not supposed to tell my cousin this – she’s really enthu about playing such games with a 24 yr old!

– get introduced to Hiedi (the most adorable Labrador ever!) as ‘Priya Akka’ and get a million tail wags and ‘Welcome Home’ jumps. (I do not want any smart-ass comments about being referred to as a sister to a dog. Don’t even think about it, you!)

– watch ‘Selvi’ with the rest of the female junta at home and scold ‘Thamarai’ Sarita when she doesn’t meet ‘Selvi’ Radhika to hear the latter explain why she married the former’s husband when the former was in a coma! (Yes, these things happen on TV these days).

– sit happily while Mum combs and braids my hair. (That is actually like being in heaven).

– go to Kumaran Silks and select 5 sets of clothes in 15 minutes flat. My female readers would know what a big deal that is.

– buy 5 sets of clothes from Chennai, come home to Hyderabad and find that Hubbie has bought me 3 more from Cochin. You know, there’s a reason I love him so much. 🙂

– raid Aunt’s refrigerator for snacks and find a whole bar of Toblerone (dark chocolate, mind you) tucked deep inside next to a pack of jujubes.

– filter coffee at 4 PM

– explain to 11 yr old cousin that a large pizza from Dominos will be enough for her and she needn’t worry about having to share it with my brother.

– go through all the above in 4 days.

3 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Yeah, its moments like these that actually make life worth all the pain! 🙂

    Sandhya – Is it normal that the word ‘trifles’ reminds me of ‘truffles’ which incidentally is a chocolate-covered food?! Ah, chocolate – music to all senses! (post-kum idhukkum no sammandham, I know..!)

    Cheesespread – So, is this from where you got into my Yahoo blog? Or you came here from there? 😉 Whatever it is, welcome dude.


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