Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

Had the best Sunday ever! Well, if you exclude the sermon at church (it was a sermon in the true sense – all of 1.5 hours!), it was the best Sunday in a long long time. And the reason is ‘Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat’. And what the heck is that? **wicked smile** You’ll see…


What you see above is a dream come true. Yep, my very own Calvin and Hobbes tome with two complimentary Jujube sticks!

Been postponing a trip to the bookseller for eternity (I know! That’s so pathetic!) . Went yesterday and blew a thousand bucks on books. It was totally worth it, though. And when we were paying the bill, Hubby Dear found these cute jujube things and picked that up (along with some mint – I hate mint! It’s like eating toothpaste!!).

Came home, bugged him to take some pics so I can show-off here in front of you guys. Yes, I’m a meanie, so? You’re just jealous, so I don’t care. 😉


And then spent an hour reading it and laughing my head off. The jujubes were yummy too.


So…that’s one down, a million more to go. I intend to own every book of Calvin n Hobbes ever published. Even if it means me working for 2 years more than I intend to – the books are not that cheap, you know. I blew around 500 bucks for this one. I was not so sure about it, but Arun was totally for it and said, ‘If you dont take it, I will. Later don’t complain you’ve read them already.’. He’s so sweet, isn’t he? **blush blush**


I actually thought of takin’ the day off and sitting at home to read this one. But had to come to finish some important work @ work. 😦 Some things in life don’t change – like Mondays.

I got one more jujube stick at home, for tonight. 🙂

Photographs courtesy: Husband (Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks honey!) 🙂

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