Priya is…

Idea Source: From one of the interesting pages on Yahoo 360.

Very simple – google for your name, like “priya is” (including the quotes) and write down the first 10 results as it is. This is what I got –

(Notes in () are by yours truly)

1. Priya is a seasoned, award winning reporter, producer and host. (Yeah, I got awards!)

2. Priya is configured for each. (each what, may I ask?!!)

3. Priya is eligible for her refund of 10 question points, but not until she locks her query. (refund, as in money? cool)

4. Priya is unenthusiastic; Raj reminds her they have no other choice. (Raj?)

5. Priya is the premier warehouse management system in use today. (**stumped**)

6. Priya is the sister of four brutal elder brothers. (for the record, me has just one younger bro and he’s a genuine darling)

7. Priya is a 13 year old girl who lives in Roshan Colony in Karachi. (I’m only 13! Yippie!!)

8. Priya is a secret. (Tell me about it!)

9. Priya is now known as Moksha Yoga Center. (No comments, really.)

10. Priya is a Client-Server real-time perpetual inventory and warehouse. (And what in the world is that supposed to mean!!)

Ah well..what’s in a name they say!

Thanks to whoever had this ‘brilliant’ idea – got some much needed laughs! πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Priya is…

  1. “koushik is”nnu theda porela? πŸ˜‰ ensoy! But you should know – Google eppodhum unmaye dhaan sollum. Adha manasula vechundu try pannunga.

    BTW, benevenuto! πŸ™‚


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