Random scribbles

I got a whole bunch of absolutely random things to talk about, I mean, write about.

First: I got my Google Page Creator account today and was a bit excited about it for no specific reason. Thought of trying it out – my first impression, if you’re used to Blogger or Y! 360, this is not exactly something you would like. More so because it’s a page, not a blog! For people like me who prefer writing than doing the entire web-designing thingie, it’s not a big deal. But, I’m not gonna leave it like that. Will try it out when I have more patience (I’m running short of that these days!). I did see a teeny weeny box that said ‘Upload File’!! Gotto try that out for sure.

Second: I hate all songs by Himmesh Reshammiya! Dear God, I hate ’em. I hate the voice, I hate the noise and they are sooooo monotonous! It’s the same music in all of his songs! I had to (yes, had to!!) listen to all this new numbers like ‘Aashiq Banaya’, ‘Aap ka Suroor’ and ‘Jhalak dhikla ja’ and it’s a wonder how I didn’t become deaf or lose my faith in music completely! Man, it’s a waste of time and money (if you’re crazy enough to go buy the CDs). I’m pretty sure they’ll all fade away into oblivion soon enough. End result: I think I appreciate ARR a bit more than I did before I heard the above songs. On the same note about songs – I think my hubby and I have watched ‘Right here Right now’ from Bluffmaster more times than even Aishwarya Rai! AB Jr is soooooo cool in that! It was a drool fest for me! 😉

Third: I’m a fan of Takeshi’s Castle on Pogo! It’s awesome – imagine a skinny dude trying to pole vault his way from one place to another across slush..he comes running, puts the pole into the slush and slides down the pole into the slush – STRAIGHT!! And man, Javed Jaffery is amazing in his commentary. And these folks who actually take part – my god, where do they come from??!!! If you haven’t seen it yet, see it. Almost as good as ‘Just for laughs – Gags’. 🙂

Fourth: 5 back to back shows I watched on Sunday – well, watched as in didn’t change the channel for like 2.5 hrs (which is a long time watching the same channel right?). So started with ‘Parkinson’ – cool show. All the guests have such an amazing sense of humor! Enjoyed it. Then came Oprah Primetime – interview with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (for those who don’t know, they are hubby-wifey and both do shows together). Seemingly simple folks, seemingly very much in love…add to that the ever-screaming audience of an Oprah show! This is what happens if you put like 340 women in one room and give out freebies. 😉

Then came Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. That’s about the time I became temporarily blind due to all the white. Also had to strain my ears to understand all the whisperings. Followed by my fav, Desperate Housewives! Lynette spills hot coffee onto her boss’s lap so she can go back to her desk to watch her son at his first day at school. Bree packs off her MIL (amazing woman, that Bree). Ok guys, stop yawning – I get the hint.

Last show was ‘Lost’ – its a mini series about an aircraft that crash lands on an isolated island – an island nobody even knows where! There is an escaped convict among them and all assorted kind of people. There’s trust, faith, betrayal, pain…its a different kind of thing – exact opposite of Desperate Housewives, maybe. 😉

Fifth: One of my favorite pics –



And so she scribbled..

3 thoughts on “Random scribbles

  1. You bet! I heard the same songs being sung by an amateur singer at a restaurant, and I realized the songs are actually good! Which makes Reshammiya’s voice the problem.


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