100 not out

Do not think, ‘Oh, why does she boast?’
Writing was something I’ve wanted to do most,
So, went the whole hog,
And got myself a blog –
Welcome, people, to my one hundredth post!

I did it! No big deal in a cosmic sense, but for little earth people like me – sure made my day to see that magical 3 digit number on my blog. Is it weird that it feels like an achievement of sorts? Maybe because it amazes me that I was (am?) committed to the blogging cause for so long – I rarely do that, you know.

What started as a trivial thing I did to get over my homesickness when I was in the US has now, to put it mildly, become a part of my life. It does sound lame (ofcourse it is lame – it’s a blog, for godsakes!), but then, there isn’t much avenue to do something creative in my profession, so this is how I make it up. I’m glad I didnt take up writing full time though – would have been a disaster – I cannot imagine doing this for my daily idli (not a big fan of bread, so…)!

Seems such a long way from the ’50 not out’, but here I am! 🙂


So..here’s to me and my blog! 🙂 Yes, I can be this self-centered at times – actually, most times. I was born this way.

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7 thoughts on “100 not out

  1. Mikka Nanri, everyone! 🙂

    Praveen – aaruva kolar-le apdi ezhudhiten..thappi thavari velaya vuttu thookkitaangana, well, idhuve full time panna vendi irukkum..so practice 😉


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