Sambhar Snippets

I’ll let you guys in on a small secret – my most profound thoughts come to me when I’m standing in front of my stove, waiting for the oil to heat up before I add the mustard for the sambhar’s tadka. Believe it or not, the biggest test for your patience occurs at that time – the oil has to be hot so the mustard pops and gives an aroma, but it shouldn’t be too hot that it burns the mustard (then you end up with bitter seeds all over your sambhar). For someone who starts making dinner at 9:00 PM, those 2 odd minutes in front of the stove, waiting for the oil to heat up, feels like an eternity (‘coz you’re hungry enough to eat wood, but then since you’re not a woodpecker, doesn’t help at all. BTW, I know a woodpecker doesn’t ‘eat’ wood, it just pecks at it. Jus’ go with my flow, will ya, and stop analysing!). And that is when the mind wanders.

The wandering mind shalt return when the mustard is burnt. Yes, that’s like a law. Lucky for me, it wasn’t all that burnt (and no, you cannot go ask my husband if that is true). I got all the stuff from the fridge that needs to go into the sambhar and kept it all ready. And then…

Now, did you know that I’ve digressed from my original topic so much that the topic discussed on digression feels like the main topic? Go scroll back, read the first line and come back, I’ll wait.

(Took you this long to read one line?) Right, what was that oh-so-profound thought, you ask? In those quiet moments of desperation, I realized that I first need to cook the dal before I make the tadka for the sambhar. **runs to hide before someone comes**

Thursday Tortures, this one. You’re most welcome. 🙂

Image Source: Yummy sambhar-vada isn’t it? Me yet to have lunch 😉


4 thoughts on “Sambhar Snippets

  1. It didnt exactly happen, but one of these days, it just might. I mean, I did keep the rice for cooking and 5 minutes later realized I didnt keep the dal with it. So then kept the dal in it. And then 10 minutes later realized I didnt turn on the stove. *shrugs* all in a day’s work! 😉


  2. Whoa, like a man?! C’mon, gimme a break – it was just once (cross my heart!)! Those were really stressful times when my hubbie and I were coming home from work at crazy timings 😦


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