I just keep trusting my lord as I walk along
I just keep trusting my Lord and He gave me a song
Though the storm clouds darken the sky, o’er the heavenly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail.

He’s a faithful friend
Such a faithful friend
I can count on Him
To the very end

Though the storm clouds darken the sky, o’er the heavenly trail
I just keep trusting my Lord, He will never fail.

Lyrics Source: Somewhere on the web

You might be wondering why this and why now. Usual answer – just felt like it. Actually, been humming this song since yesterday and I don’t even remember how it came into my mind.

I used to sing this in school for the ususal morning prayers. The difference is, then it was just a song I used to sing with the other people in the choir. But now, when you face so many struggles in life, it’s not just a song – it’s about telling yourself over and over again that you’re not alone. You have the biggest, most greatest, omnipresent friend ever, who always loves you and has your best interests at heart.

And when you read out the lines in the song with all the faith that you have in your God, well, for me – it brings tears to my eyes to really feel and believe that God loves me no matter what. Yeah, no matter what. Amazing, isn’t it?

And on this same amazing, religious note, I wrote this – mind you, I have not edited this, just wrote what came to mind. Didn’t even worry if any of the lines make sense or are just poetic crap – so bear with me please.

The first rain on a dry earth, ah the petrichor – fragrance of the highest!
You sent me a rainbow, when I only asked for rain!
Dew drop so perfect, the sparkle – a blush when the Sun sends a kiss.
Silky sky with cotton clouds, crumpled musings of a poet’s pen perhaps?
And the many hues of blue, pale here, periwinkle there and the bluest blue seas!
A sunrise, a moonlit night and the stars out of reach but in sight.
Flowers born at Your feet, a bouquet for me at my doorstep everyday!
Oh what a blessing my Lord, you found me worthy of these!

Golden for all the love, blue for the laughter,
Red for the smiles and white for the peace.
Yellow for a happy sunshine, green so I’m glad for all that is mine.
And last, a touch of black – for without it, there wouldn’t even be a white!
Heavenly painter with colors endless, paint my life thus.

If you’re regretting the day you guys encouraged me to write a verse, well, I can understand.


One thought on “Untitled

  1. I Just Keep Trusting My Lord, is a song written by John W Patterson in year 1980 something. It’s a great song. Our youth church sing this song almost every week. This song is inspired me and my friends to still keep trusting “my LORD” or GOD. You know, maybe, eventually you think that your money, or your friend, even your family can and always help you, but in my life, they don’t. When you sick, you think you need a doctor or medicine or money to pay the bill. BUT, WHAT I LEARN IS, when you’ve got trouble, what you need is YOUR LORD or GOD. GOD will provide you anything you need. So, thank you to blog this beautiful song! From: avekai (avekai@yahoo.co.uk)


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