Cleaning up!

I thought of cleaning my desk at work today. No, I’m not being fired (how could you think that?!! **emotional**), just that the mess it getting a bit out of hand. Now, let’s see what I have in there – (you’re most welcome to walk out this exact minute if you want – I know it will be boring going thru’ another person’s desk, especially if you’re a guy. Girls love it!)

Biotique Mositurising lotion – I need this.
Stapler (no pins, mind you) & Stapler remover (it’s very handy, trust me)
Headphones (very uncomfortable ones, I still wonder why I use them)
Bills (no payments due, just FYI bills that deserve to be in the trash – that’s why they are in my drawer you say?)
Chocolates (all the time) – I need this too.
Pens (that never write – we know why!) & Whiteboard markers (with no ink)
Whiteboard duster (I need my board to be clean always – not a big thing given my inkless whiteboard markers)
Paracetamol tablets (dont even ask)
Income tax filing forms from the year 2002. I got like 4 copies of each!
Umpteen copies of crap that I had to submit for my US visa long long ago.
Umpteen copies of crap that I had to submit for my Italian visa even more long long ago.
An empty Pierre Cardin pen box (For the world of me, I dont know where this came from! I dont even have a Pierre Cardin pen!)
A cute masala box with 4 elastic bands, 2 hairpins and a keychain with a smiling Buddha.
An empty Ferrero Rocher box (**singing** memories..left alone in the moonlight..)
In transit (friend borrowed and returned it last year) –
A novel – Colin Forbes’ Sisterhood
2 CDs – 1. Mr. Bean the movie 2. Tom and Jerry
Lunch and snack coupons (by far, the only useful things in my drawer)
A mountain of tissues (I’d die without ’em – you could say OCD with wiping hands and desk)
Work-related reference books (used during training, forgotten ever since. C’mon, I got PDFs of all those things! Can’t do Ctrl+F on a book, can you?)

Bored already? That’s just the first 2 drawers, folks, I got 1 more. And if you’re anything like me, you should have, by now, got an idea of what sort of a person I am. Didn’t understand? **exasperated** you read detective novels? Poirot, Ms. Marple, Holmes, Perry Mason? If you just said no, then forget everything I’ve said till now. If you said yes, you know how you deduce all details about my life @ work with the above list of items, right? Yeah..nod your head now, good. 🙂

My Dad always has this complaint with my Mom and me – we both collect things a lot. We hate throwing ’em away! Our reason? What if you need it some day! And its worse for me, ‘coz I apply this logic to my hard disk too – I got songs I never listen to but hate to delete thinking what if I feel like listening to it some day. I got sticky-note-worthy-notes all over my D drive with Customer complaint numbers and just random digits I don’t even understand now. The only time I had to delete them was when I had a change of machine. That seems to be the only thing that will make me clean up.

BTW, lost the mood to clean my desk today. Maybe another day. Maybe never. Whatever!
It’s raining outside and I just walked a little distance in a drizzle – man, nothing like it! Cold, but not too cold, the petrichor above all…Hmmm, best for a lazy day at home with a cuppa hot chocolate, hot potato bajji with chilli sauce and my favorite movie/book!

**on knees, hands clasped together, looking up** Hear my prayers, dear God!


3 thoughts on “Cleaning up!

  1. Ah the handbag – that’s probably next on my ‘clean-up’ list, and I have a feeling that’ll be worse.

    My limericks – totally inspired by yours these days (I stopped writing them after feels good to do that again now!)


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