To me

I’m not a burden anymore, not a big debt,
I’m better than a son, yeah, you bet!
I know what I want, I know how to get it.
And I’ll conquer all, sure, bit by bit.

Wife to a husband, sister to a brother,
Daughter to a mother, someday a mother,
Daddy’s little darling, that’ll always be me –
I can be all at the same time, I am a woman, you see.

I will reach great heights, endless and carefree,
Nothing in the world can defeat the girl in me!

Happy Woman’s Day! Cherish the women in your life – they deserve nothing less.

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5 thoughts on “To me

  1. Comment by NicoleW:
    Hi, a nice blog you have here… You will surely get an bookmark 🙂

    ME: Thanks Nicole! I did take the liberty of removing the last link in your comment – sorry!


  2. Hey!
    Thanks for visiting my blog..and blogrolling it too! 🙂
    And the poem’s really nice…considering just a while ago I saw a totally different dedication to women’s day from Praveen!


  3. Thanks Vani. Women’s Day-nu konchum excite aayiten! 🙂

    Praveen-kaaga dhaan ennoda wooden poori kattai enge vechchennu thedindrukken.. kedaichadhum, neengalum join pannikerengala? 😉


  4. Aahaa andha Priya dhaana indha priya, please shout across when you find the poori kattai. Its almost a year since I told Praveen that he is going to get beaten up one day and I promised myself that I would stand one the sidelines and watch the fun, but I think I might even join you Priya 🙂

    Nice flowers again.


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