Hail Hyderabad

Hailstorm in Hyderabad!! It’s raining ice out there, people! This is the third time in my life I’m seeing a hailstorm, but the biggest of all. Is it normal that I feel really excited about it for reasons I really don’t know? 😕

And you know what’s the weirdest thing? Somehow, this evening feels like a Friday evening! So you can imagine my excitement at something as ‘normal’ as hailstorm!

Somebody up there is mighty angry and is in every mind to stone us to oblivion, perhaps! 😉

**really excited** Ok, this is the third time I’m updating this entry in the last 5 minutes – I’m doing all I can to stop myself from jumping up and down shouting ‘Hailstorm!’ I’m stuck at work!! If I were at home I sure would have jumped up and down. **jumping up and down virtually** Hailstorm Hailstorm!!

Had to put this entry in my blog so I can read it during April-May’s sweltering heat and thank God for the little blessings in life. 🙂

Hail Hyderabad it is!

P.S: Thanks to my dearest hubbie for calling me up and telling me about the hailstorm 🙂 He totally knows me **wink wink** **blush blush**

P.P.S: You think I’ve lost it, right? I don’t care! We got hailstorm!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve already called up everyone I know and told ’em the ‘good news’ 😉

Umpteenth update: I wanted snow. But looks like God feels I’m crazy enough without it, so I’ll have to adjust with hail! Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!! I think now I know how Calvin EXACTLY feels when it snows. 🙂 Thank you God!!!!

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