You blog too much if…

– You look at every incident in your life for its blog-worthiness.
Things as mundane as buying groceries miraculously becomes an interesting event where you can observe and make-up (?!!) things and then write a blog post about it. If the credit card-reader apparatus (for want of a better word) doesn’t work, you can write a post blaming the Govt for poor infrastructure. If you had a really embarassing incident – nothing like it! It’s like Christmas came early to your blog!! You watch movies/TV shows you can write about. You actually watch a saas-bahu soap to crib about it on your blog. If you suddenly remembered a funny incident that you had in your childhood – you DO NOT share it with your spouse/friend/colleague, instead run to update your blog with it so your spouse/friend/colleague can read it online and leave witty comments about it.

– Your mood turns sour if you got only single digit comments on your post.
And this mood stays till you somehow – somehow- make the comment count >= 10.

– You spend time thinking on the topic of your blog.
You’re always thinking about what to write on your blog. You scan through all the junk emails you have ever got in your life and think which one would be an appropriate one to post. Any funny/weird/gross thing you hear, your immediate response? “’ll put that in my blog!”.

– You want to blog all the time – 24×7.
Blog while watching TV. Blog while working. Blog from airport lounges waiting for your connecting flights. Blog while eating. Blog while cleaning the keyboard due to blogging while eating. Blog while cooking (thereby letting the curry burn – then come back and blog about that also). Blog while walking your dog (show off saying you mo-blogged!). Blog while on vacation. If you miss blogging on one single day – you come back with an ‘Apology’ for not updating your blog ‘for so long’.

– The first thing you open when you come to work is your blog and not your email.
Sure fire sign of blog-o-mania. Your email used to be your lifeline. Till recently. And then you started blogging. It’s ok, priorities do change in life, go with it. It’s more important to reply to the comments on your blog than send that quick reply to the manager saying you did not complete that fix. And then you get flayed alive by your manager and..get this, you come back to your blog and write about that flaying!! And then you get hazaar ‘dont worry, take it light yaar’ comments and a few comments that go “Huh! me too dude!”.

– You write out lists that you expect people to find funny and nod their heads about.
It’s like you’re reading this now, smiling to yourself at how right I am and how I hit the nail on its head and how come I can write so well.. and then reading the last few words again and think, “My! what an!”.

Get the drift? 😉

I know there are more to this list – will collate ’em all from the comment box and update this blog as ‘Readers Reply’. Gee, it’s like having my own newspaper or something! Way cool!


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