Experiment with backgrounds

I did it!! (atleast, it seems so!)

My experiments with backgrounds – finally, I seem to be getting somewhere! Still a lot of work to be done, still a lot of tweaking to be learnt, but I’m happy with this start 🙂

Only problem now, is how to make sure the image encompasses the entire width and length of the post and not just where the text is! I could put new lines all over the place, but…there’s got to be a better way to extend the image size inside an HTML table tag…gurus out there, any ideas please?


Max I could for now, people. Rounding up anything worth reading on HTML (I’m just starting with it) to see if I can achieve what I want. Till then…please put up with my ignorance!

Image Source: Internet


5 thoughts on “Experiment with backgrounds

  1. hi ,
    did u changed the template for this post alone so as to get the background image and reverted back to the original template ??


  2. No Aravind, I tweaked the HTML part and added a table with background. The background is an image that I have uploaded on Flickr (the satin-look image). Let me know if you need the HTML code.


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