To Monday

Oh! how I wish I had the flu
To miss office on a Monday blue.
Jealous of my neighbor – the housewife unseen,
And so I became a monster green.
Yellow it is, the day of Woden –
Two more to go, two have been trodden.

Thirsty for red, but I only get orange.
Now isn’t it a pity! Nothing rhymes with orange.
Red as in fun, red as in Fridays
Red as in the last of all the weekdays

Let’s go to the movies, let’s have some fun,
It’s the day of Saturn, all said and done.
God rested on Sunday and so will I,
It will be Monday again and all I can do is sigh!

Oh poor Monday, what did you do?
To be called a day so blue!
Laugh on, Friday! It won’t last long –
If I work on a Saturday – like Thursday, you’ll jus’ tag along!

No other day has feelings so true
Like my dear Monday, oh so blue!
I won’t curse you, will find no fault
For my first poem came from your vault!

Phew! Finally. I agree it’s nothing compared to masterpieces by other fellow bloggers, but hey, I have to start somewhere right? And my thoughts about Monday have undergone a change – I haven’t started loving it, but I think I have found a soft spot for it after all!

Looks like Monday brings out the budding poet in me! Weird!

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