I flooded my apartment today. Seriously. I’m not kidding. There was toe-deep water in the hall, the dining hall, the guest bedroom and the entrance of the master bedroom. My cleaning lady had left already so guess who did the water works? Yours truly, ofcourse. 😦

If you’d care to listen, let me tell you how it happened –

Saturday, in my home, is the day of the washing machine. I have a fully automatic, front loading washing machine (white color, if you must ask) – seems it was bought to make my work easier. Yeah right.

I put all the clothes inside the machine. Next, I plugged in the washing machine. I then connected the inlet pipe to the tap (we do not have a permanent connection for the inlet) and turned the tap on – water will start gushing into the machine the moment I turn it on. Now, this is where you should pay attention, ‘coz apparently, I did not. The outlet pipe has to be at a height of atleast 2 ft from the level of the washing machine, so I generally place it inside the wash basin. Generally I do. Today I did not. I went ahead and added the washing powder (Surf Excelmatic – stop asking irrelevant questions! Oh wait, this is totally relevant – wait and see) and set the appropriate wash cycle. I switched the machine on and hit the ‘Start’ button. And I went into the kitchen to check on the cauliflower curry.

Time elapsed: 3 minutes. By now, I should have heard the rumble of the clothes tumble. I did not and I didn’t notice it either. Stirred the curry and decided to see whats on TV – enter dining hall and I heard something synchronous with my steps – splat splat..spl-aa-t! Water water everywhere and no, you wouldn’t want to drink it. Since the outlet was still on the floor, all the water entering the washing machine simply went out the outlet! Rushed to the washing machine (almost falling in the process) and switched it off, realized the outlet pipe issue and yanked it from behind the machine and pushed it into the wash basin! Phew! Close!

It wasn’t close. It was way beyond close. I walked into the guest bedroom and saw that the water had reached the corner diagonally opposite to the door – which means the entire room was flooded. Not just any water mind you – Surf Excelmatic water! The one where all you have to do is place your foot lightly and let you body go – and see yourself win the figure skating championship at the Torino Winter Olympics. It was not as bad in the hall – just one long strip from the main door till the dining hall entrance. The dining hall itself was half flooded. Thankfully, my teak-wood dining table was spared.

After cursing myself and the washing machine with some choicest expletives, I spent the better part of 2 hours in flood relief measures.

And I almost burnt the cauliflower curry – hey, hold your horses, I said almost! I had the best lunch ever – there’s no better accompaniment to food than hunger.


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