Alert: If you don’t watch Malayalam movies or if you don’t like Mohanlal, well..sorry you have to leave so soon without readin’ my post, Bye!

Has anyone seen the movie ‘Chandrolsavam’? This is the one where Mohanlal comes in this real cool look (above) and is oh so cute!! I loved the movie, but you should know – I love all his movies. After Rajnikanth, I’m a huge fan of Mohanlal (my husband learnt this the hard way – made him watch ‘Narasimham’ almost 5 times!). I like him for the same reasons I like the Superstar – style, punch dialogues, bigger-than-thou portrayal of the characters..Man, I love movies like ‘Praja’ and my all-time favorite, ‘Narasimham’. I’ve watched it every time it was telecast on any Malayalam channel – close to 8 or 9 times. To the extent, I know some of the dialogues too! 🙂

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I learnt Malayalam watching Mohanlal’s movies. There’s just so much in it for a fan like me who doesn’t care a rat’s ass about story or logic or all those things which ‘smart’ people look for in movies. I want movies where the hero always wins, the heroine or the hero’s mom doesn’t die on us, the villian is always punished in the end..add 2 or 3 good songs in between and a fight scene at the end where there is lotsa style – you got me hooked! I have enough tragedies in my own life and I do not want to see the same on screen, that’s ok right? I’m not paying 150 bucks for a movie that makes me wanna cry – I mean, how lame is that?! You pay, you watch the movie and you cry. Why do people want to do that! You should have guessed by now – I do not like movies like ‘Dil Se’ where the hero is killed along with the heroine! What the heck was that all about!! Why spin the story around 2 people who were anyway going to get killed?

And talking about ‘Chandrolsavam’, been listening to this song all morning! In Chitra’s magical voice (Chandrolsavam)-

Ponmulam thandu moolum…paatil njan kettu ninte…
Hari raaga geetathin…aalapanam…
Pooveyil kodi neeyum…ponnil njan kandu ninte…
Malar meni charthunna…peetambaram…

Ulpoya janmathin…yamunaa tadam thedi…
Thaniye thuzhanjee poy…manthoni njan…
Kadali nilavinte…kalabham thodichente…
Nerukil thalodilee…ninneera njan…
Abhayam neeye….aananda chinmayane…

Vanamulla kortheela…naru venna kandeela…
Pakaram tharan onnum….karutiyilla…
Idanenjil neerunna…murivarnna eerappon
Kuzhalayi nilpu nin…priya raadha njan…
Sharanam neeye…ghana shyama sundarane.

BTW, any mistakes in the lyrics, don’t blame me. I corrected it as much as I could, the rest is what I got off the internet.

Why this post now? Usual answer – Jus’ like that! 🙂 In the mood for Mohanlal movies – Ravana Prabhu..Praja..Ustad..Narasimham (3 cheers for this one please).. Thandavam..Natturajavu… Balettan.. and hey, can’t forget Kilukkam 😉 that’s one of his older movies, but fun nevertheless.

So..blog vayichchu kazhinjo? Appo ivide okke thanne kaanuvallo alle? 😉

Engi vitto mone dinesha!

6 thoughts on “‘Lal’olsavam

  1. Kireedam
    Thenmavin Kombath
    Udayan Annu Tharam
    Aaram Thamburan
    Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu
    Olympiyan Anthony Adam
    Kilichundan Mampazham
    Life Is Beautiful
    ……. i could go on.

    A whole different meaning to the words ‘lal salam’.


  2. Oh really!!! Then I believe equal credit goes to your husband for initiating you to Malayalam films 🙂 . Even though I am a Malayalee too, I was not an avid watcher of Malayalam movies until early into my college days. Only then did I understand that there was so much to Malayalam movies apart from the other perception that people have ;). The new age Mallu movies are also good – check out Maheshinte Prathikaaram, Traffic, 22 FK, Ioyibinte Pusthakam etc. if time permits.


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