What’s the big deal?

Image Source: Webshots

Love is in the air. It’s also in blogs, newspapers, hoardings on the road side, shop windows and also at work (I think a colleague has got some Valentine gift and she’s all of a flutter!). Greeting cards the size of a Hrithik Roshan (or Rambo, if you’re 60 years old) poster, cuddly teddy bears holding ‘I love you’ hearts, the omnipresent chocolates – and all the pink!! My god, what is with the pink color, people!!! Cupid just went blind with all the pink and red – and you would not want a blind God of Love going around shooting arrows at all the wrong people! Imagine the catastrophe!

I’ve nothing against Valentine’s Day being celebrated – it’s romantic, I agree – but isn’t it also expensive and flashy and too artificial? I mean..we have 365 days in a year (we also get 0.25 days in between in some years) and there’s this one day where you decide to get all mushy and senti and romantic about your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend! What’s the outcome? Well, a restaurant might get an extra 1500 bucks for lighting a candle on your table. Cadbury just got richer by a billion dollars. Archies might surpass Bill Gates to become the richest conglomerate ever. The roadside florist banega crorepati. Ofcourse, all this if you survive the VHP and Shiv Sena dudes. Every channel on TV has a heart next to its logo. Atleast a thousand people would have got engaged (seriously, if I were them I would choose a normal day to get engaged – you got one more day to celebrate instead of clubbing that with V day right?!). And yeah, if you’re a rich guy, De Beers, Tanishq or Gili would be smiling their way to the bank. Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that aaaaaall these people also get to be happy (read: rich) just because you’re in love (even if its just for a day)?! This is why it makes me think that Valentine’s Day is one big advertisement gimmick.

And no matter how hard I try, I just cannot remember people celebrating Valentine’s Day back in 1996. Neither did we have Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Pet’s day! It’s good psychology that these greeting card/chocolate/gift companies use. Things that concern one’s family are close to one’s heart. You would never think twice about spending exhorbitantly when it comes to these ‘special’ days. Do you know how costly baby cosmetics are? Why? ‘Coz you dont care how much it costs when it comes to your precious li’l one!! You’ll just pay up and be happy that you got your baby the best. A cute li’l dress with frills costs more than a pair of Levis jeans (the last I checked, my jeans cost me around 1600rs a pair). So the same goes for Valentine’s too – spending 9000 Rs on a diamond ring (minimum amount to get a ring with diamonds that are visible to the naked eye) might seem too much on regular days – but not today, no!

I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We should. Any excuse to celebrate in life is good. We need all the celebrations and memories to get us through when we are down in the dumps in life. It’s just that, there are people who are very much in love but unable to take the pressure the advertisements put on their love. Imagine what will happen if you forgot or couldn’t afford to get your girlfriend/boyfriend (I left ‘spouse’ out on purpose – ‘coz it doesn’t matter) something for today. Doesn’t it raise a question on how deep or true your love is? (If it didn’t, marry that person as soon as possible please.)

So, what’s the big deal about today? Nothing. It’s just a regular Tuesday (which comes after just a horrible Monday).

Oh, did I mention..I’ve already sent a card to my husband. He’s getting me a brown teddy bear with a red bow. Chocolates are a necessity these days. And we’re having take-out at home this weekend with candles and wine (yippee!!! red wine – classic V day material, isn’t it!) . I’ve put in a request for a pair of diamond studs, it’s under consideration (I love my husband a lot a lot a lot).

What was that? Hypocrite? Yeah – you sure got that one right! 😉


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