Old lines in a new post – 2

Old lines in a new post – 1

3rd December, 2005
Title: Disclaimer

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed here are my own. Reference to any person, living or dead, or any content, fictional or true, is purely coincidental. I do not guarantee that all information/crap provided here is authentic or fully supported by incontrovertible evidence. I do not represent or endorse any of the content/information available in the external sites that I talk about.

In short, what I say here are my thoughts and my ideas and if there’s something here that you do not agree with it, you cannot sue me for it.Why did I think of putting a disclaimer now? Just like that. You never know when you’ll get sued for something! Better safe than sorry, eh?

Today: I felt it was too presumptous of me to post something like this – as if the entire world is waiting with bated breath just to sue me! 😉

24th January, 2006
Title: Blah Blah Blah – 2

Today’s post was supposed to be on Calvin and Susie’s snowball fight – die-hard fans would know the ‘Snowball in June’ incident..well, I got the strip, but couldn’t login to Flickr to upload it. I could have just uploaded the image directly on the Compose window, but that made the size too small. And since I care about my ‘readers’ and their eyesight, I decided, in good faith, to keep that post for a later day – which is whenever Flickr would let me login 😦

I did not have Monday blues this week – ‘coz I took leave yesterday! Hah! Nothing like bunking work/college/school on Monday, is there? People who read my blogs regularly (??!!) would know my angst related to Mondays. It’s very simple – I hate Mondays. Hate ’em as much as I love Fridays. I dont know why, but that is the way it is. And since I did not have a chance to update my blog on Monday, I’m doing it today – the content is what it would have been had I updated it on Monday. Howz that for revenge? Muahahaa…

Kidding apart…I was swamped with work the last 3 days. Worked 28 hours straight without any sleep and learnt that there’s nothing better in your life than sleep (and food – never forget the food people!!). And it takes your body atleast another 48 hours to get back into rhythm after missing one night’s sleep. For me, it takes a week to get back. So I’m still in the process of doing that..(who knows, I might be sleep-blogging now!)

Come to think of it, this is not the kind of post I enjoy posting – ‘coz it’s so mundane and boring to read someone’s account of how they spent their weekend! I would find it boring on somebody else’s blog. So you know what? I’m in two minds whether to post this or not! Crazy me, eh? Yeah well, nothing new there…Let me try and make it more interesting..dont worry, I wont invent a character like Spaceman Spiff! 😉

Today: No two guesses on why I didn’t post it then! But I did end up posting the small size image – just can’t resist spreading Calvin’s message to the world!

1st February 2006
Title: I don’t have time to be this busy

Great words from a great cat. Garfield has always been my inspiration to be lazy. Those half droopy eyelids, the gluttony and best of all, the attitude. Man, does he have an attitude!! I like a cat with an attitude you know. Like Hobbes or Tom (who Tom? C’mon!! Tom-&-Jerry Tom? **clarity dawns on reader’s face** There you go!).

It’s a wonder how all my favorite characters are not humans but cats. Point to be noted eh? Maybe it’s ‘coz they are so much less complicated than human beings. And so much more sensible. I watched this stand-up comedy show sometime back (don’t know who or which channel) and that guy was going on and on about death – how humans like to kill (others or themselves). It was moderately funny, not absolutely hilarious like Ellen Degeneres (she rocks! Three cheers!). Anyway, from what he said, I realized that we humans are, afterall, nothing but civilized beasts. In that guy’s words, we are ‘beasts with baseball caps and automatic weapons’. The part I liked was about mass graves – how a dictator always has a mass grave in his country. This guy reasoned that if a dictator kills a 100,000 people, what the heck is he supposed to do with the bodies??!!! Dig a hole for each? C’mon you gotta think about the dictator right.. it actually made sense (I do not condone genocide, please dont misunderstand me).

Like I was saying – people are complicated. Our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts, our actions – everything about us is so messed up, it’s a wonder how we manage to co-exist!

Today: Not one of my better works I feel 😦

Smile – this was the last part. Now I’ve done complete justice to my ‘writing abilities’ – bouquets/brickbats both welcome! 🙂

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