Happy Hyderabadi

The AICC Plenary session is here!!!! I’m not a supporter of the Congress party, neither am I into politics even an eensy-weensy bit..but still, the AICC Plenary is here!!!! What’s making me so happy about it? Well, how about the fact that it is happening in Happy Hyderabad! Yep, that’s the term coined by the Muncipal Corp of Hyd (MCH) these days – Happy Hyderabad. Weird isn’t it? Hmph, what else can you expect out of these guys anyway..they should make ‘Happy Hyderabadi’ their motto, that would be more fun.

Coming back..why am I happy about it? For one, we got neeeeat roads man! And we not only got roads (pothole-free, 6 lane mind you) we also got dividers overnight! Not just any dividers, we got dividers with grass and plants in them!!!!!! Plants with flowers!!! How cool is that??!!! And the flowers are all in full bloom!! Beat that if you can, yeh US-living people! (Ok, ok, got carried away there..I know you US-living people can beat the crap outta that one – but just humor me, would ya, and accept that what’s happened in Hyd is really really cool and a one-in-the-world kinda thing..please, pretty please?)

And we had the first tension-free ride to office today after a long time. We were waiting at a traffic signal and just happened to look out the window and guess what my hubbie saw? A guy in jeans and T-shirt (crappy one at that) with an automatic in his hand!!! He was standing there, gun in hand, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do! And the biggest wonder of ’em all – not one person thought of jumping a red signal today – you wouldn’t dare right? What if the guy with the automatic didn’t like you doing it? You would be kinda dead..so why push it..

You guys will not believe what the latest thing in Hyd is these days – gates! That’s right, huge cardboard gates for regular roads (something like the ‘Welcome Shri. so and so’ gates that come up on the roads when some big shot is visiting). And the best part is the names – we have ‘Smt. Sonia Gandhi Gate’, ‘Shri. William Weddernburn Gate’ (this chap is a Knight, but no ‘Sir’ – it got translated to Shri – well, it happens only in India!), ‘Shri S.D.Sharma Gate’…in short gates named after every President the AICC has ever had (or so I think). It’s mildly funny though.

Whatever be it, I’m a happy hyderabadi these days – the roads are good, the traffic is under control (with gun-trotting policemen – every junction has a min of 4 traffic policemen) and the people seem to be enjoying the fact that once in a while, all roads do lead to Hyderabad! All good roads that is 😉

Goodbye Metros, Hello there Hyderabad! 🙂


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