A comparative study of…

My brother (I have one, younger than me by 5 yrs) convinced me today to join Orkut – yeah, that entire community of people with nothing better to do (look who’s talking eh? yeah well..) than just send each other scraps (that’s kinda like messages but not that sophisticated-sounding) and rate how cool/trustworthy/sexy their friends are (seriously people, get a life!)…

Sorry to say I joined (I take back what I said earlier about getting a life *head hung* ) …another mistake I did listening to my bro (just add a pointed tail, 2 horns and hand him a pitchfork – he’ll be you-know-what’s incarnate)..man, it was boring! Maybe because I don’t have a friend circle yet there..but the UI is kinda sad…Blogger and Yahoo! 360 definitely score way above. Even worse is the fact that all you CAN do is send each other scraps and rate how cool/trustworthy/sexy your friends are?!!!

BTW, anyone else out here who’s out there too?

I might have liked it if I hadn’t been married – honestly, it does seem like a good place where you can ‘meet’ someone interesting (powered by Google search ofcourse – the best in internet technology man!!! Who better than Google to ‘search’ for your soulmate!). My brother has fun there with his friends (most of whom are girls – when did my little bro grow up? I seriously have no idea). My cousins are in it too..actually it’s just cousin – she’s a really sweet thing living in a horribly cold place right now (Neel if you’re reading this – what’s up with you!! long time no news ra!! you still frozen stiff?). I’ll write a blog about these two things (bro and sis I mean) in my life sometime…

Coming back (tangential mind you know)..I think what makes, for want of a better expression, an orkut/blogger/360-like service click is the community. There isn’t much of an interaction in my space here – maybe because there is no funda of adding favorites/friends and seeing each others’ friends..but not so on 360. But I should admit, blogspot does let me play around with the UI quite a bit which I find interesting. Also, the best thing about blogspot – Save as Draft!! What do I do without drafts!

Anyway..I’ve decided to give it some time on Orkut – let’s see if Google’s genious rubs off on it which might make it a bit more interesting than it is now..fingers crossed (so can’t type with both hands – PJ!! I know..don’t even ask what happened)

Oh almost forgot…IT’S A FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

And…Happy Sankranti/Pongal!! Have a jolly and festive time!

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