Monday Blues

I’ve decided to write something goofy today…read at your own risk, me not responsible for you pulling your hair out. Consider yourself warned.

I had a good Sunday. Sunday is when we go to church. Church is where we pray. Pray that I do what I’m having in mind now. Now is the time to be happy. Happy is he who is healthy. Healthy foods do not taste as good as junk food. Food for thought – Are you sure God doesn’t play dice with the universe? Universe is what universe is. Is it getting a bit dull reading this? This is why I’m in two minds whether to post this or not. Not doing anything is better than doing something stupid. Stupid people do not always look stupid. Stupid is the word I’m using again. Again, but not again. Again and this is it. It is good to get as stupid as this sometimes. Sometimes, I do weird things which people don’t always appreciate. Appreciate someone if you think they were good. Good things happen to good people. People do not always help each other if there’s nothing in it for them. Them is a word with which I cannot start. Start today what you had to do a week back. Back off! Off you go and find the paper while you’re at it. It is getting to my nerves doing what I’m doing. Doing this kinda means I dont have work right now. Now is not the time to act weird. Weird is he who has a monkey on his head. Head right 2 blogs from here and you might find what you’re looking for. For want of a nail, a kingdom was lost. Lost and found. Found, but it’s not what was lost, so they’re searching still. Still life is boring. Boring is what this post is getting now. Now would be the right time to stop.


I warned you, didn’t I? Now, don’t you dare blame me! My blog, my rules. Muaahahaha..

I call it spontaneous writing – in other words, Monday Blues.


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