No point Everyone

There’s no point in doing or saying certain things in life these days. It just doesn’t matter – like telling mom, for the umpteenth time, that you’re 24 and can take care of yourself. Or telling your husband that you do not how the car keys got into the last shelf of the shoe stand – no, you don’t think they walked by themselves, you just don’t know! Ever noticed that you get the maximum questions on re-direct when you say ‘I don’t know’. Maybe because it’s just so unbelievable that being humans, there are things we do not know.

There’s no point to this post. I have time to kill and I have a blog – good for me, bad for you. What’s the point in having a blog and not posting eh? You’re regretting that minute in the last 3 minutes when you actually decided to drop by my blog right? Good, I got you right where I want. Irritated, bored, wondering where this meaningless rambling is going to…let me tell you something upfront (god, I hate this word ‘upfront’ – is it a valid word btw?), you will be feeling the same way even after reading through this post. Why? ‘Coz there’s no point! no point to this blog or to any other blog out there other than occupying memory god knows where and using up network bandwidh god knows where to (can God say I dont know? curious – been reading God’s Debris – it makes you question everything). You got it right – you’re reading a post by one cranky software engineer – and to make matters worse, a woman. (Or is the other way round – I’m a woman and to make matters worse, a software engineer? I’m going mad, aren’t I? Maybe it is time to tell my husband the truth.)

I’m suddenly reminded of a dialogue I heard in a Malayalam movie called ‘Ner Ariyaan CBI’ (rough translation – CBI to know the truth). The hero is asked a question “Why does the sun rise in the east?” The answer: “It’s not that the sun rises in the east. Wherever the sun rises, we call that east.” Don’t ask me why I’m writing this here or why I was reminded of that. No point asking ‘coz I seriously don’t know.

There are other ‘No point’ questions – like asking someone in a restaurant, ‘Hey, eating out eh?’. No, its my hobby to go to restaurants and sit around till someone asks me this question, thank you very much. Why do people do that? I watched this stand-up comedy by Bill Engvall the other day (actually its a month back, but easier to say the other day). He’s flying to some place and during landing the aeroplane hits a deer on the runway and has a minor trouble landing. Our man is laughing his head off ‘coz, let’s face it, how often does an aircraft hit a deer? Anyway, he calls up his wife from the airport to tell her what happened –
“Honey, hey.. we had a small problem with the landing. We hit a deer!”
There’s a pause on the other end for a second and then a question – “O my god, was the plane on the ground?”.
Engvall replied (to an audience laughing their heads off), “No, Santa was doing one last round!”. Here’s your sign!!

Know what I just did? I tried using the laptop the way it was meant to be used – on my lap and ended up pulling the cable out of the modem (don’t ask me how). It said “Network cable unplugged” and went bust. And it took me all of 10 minutes to connect back – and it’s supposed to be broadband, not dialup! O for the love of God! Which reminds me of something else… totally bizarre, least related to what I’ve been writing till now (which is?..crap) – I read a blog about a girl who killed a rat – you cannot make me explain any further. No.

You know, I’m having a lousy day (really??!!) but I got no right to ruin yours. So.. ciao amici! (someday, I’ll tell you why I use Italian now and then.)

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